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  1. Does anyone have experience working for the Family Advocacy Program as a civilian nurse, especially for a small overseas base? This is a position focused on education and outreach. I do not have any experience with the military lifestyle but the mana...
  2. Providence TIP program September 2019

    Congrats and best of luck!!! Do you have any tips on how you made your application stand out to the recruiters? I've been applying and having no luck. Would you mind sending me your resume? I've reworked mine but I'm wondering if it's still not good ...
  3. CHLA RN Residency September 2019

    I haven't heard back from NICCU yet but I'm guessing we won't hear back for a while. Their application was the last to be taken down (March 28 or 29 I think) so I would expect those who applied to be one of the last ones contacted.
  4. CHLA 2019 RN Residency Program

    I applied to the NICCU! Best of luck to everyone ❤️
  5. CHLA RN Residency September 2019

    I received the e-mail shortly after applying. Just checked and the position appears as "SUBMITTED" under my applications. I think I read in previous CHLA threads that it did disappear for some people though so I wouldn't worry too much.
  6. CHLA RN Residency September 2019

    Just applied for the NICCU!