Civilian nurse on overseas base? (Family Advocacy Program)

by Chaosmyth Chaosmyth, BSN (New) New Nurse

Does anyone have experience working for the Family Advocacy Program as a civilian nurse, especially for a small overseas base? This is a position focused on education and outreach. I do not have any experience with the military lifestyle but the manager/recruiter stated that the team is a mix of both military and civilians.

Will my lack of military experience greatly affect my ability to properly do my job?

Will I be looked at with less respect?

Any advice??

The manager really sold me on the position but I don't want to jump the gun simply because I love the country the base is located in, especially since the base is in a very small town! I'll have to uproot my entire life in the States but I feel like it will be good experience for someone looking to leave bedside nursing...


jfratian, MSN, RN

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Nah, go for it.  I've been an Air Force nurse for 8 years now.  We work with civilians all the time.  If you are a competent nurse, then you'll do just fine.  I'm sure any education you'll be doing is healthcare related.

Lunah, MSN, RN

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I was a military brat who grew up overseas, and I later served as an Army nurse. My parents worked civil service for 30+ years before they retired, too. Civilians are an integral part of the military culture. In short, DO IT! 🙂