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    First contract

    Hi everyone, I an RN with 5 years of ICU experience, as well as 1 year in Orthopaedics. I decided to try travel nursing because I wanted to experience new things. I signed a 13 week contract in ICU for a hospital in South Florida. I don’t exactly understand what is happening to me right now, and I am not trying to sound like a victim, but I am starting to regret my decision. I showed up on the very first day for testing. The first two tests had a 90% and 80% passing grade respectively. The third test was PBDS. I managed to fail one of the two tests... I was allowed two re-test a week later (but it almost sounded like they were making an exception). After all of that, the PBDS results came back as being “inconsistent”. Not too sure what that means, sometimes I'm good and sometimes I suck? But the bottom line is that I am being asked to complete 2 weeks of preceptorship, and only then I will find out if this contract is actually going to happen. In my entire career in nursing, I have never felt or have been told that I “sucked”. What’s happening right now is making me feel stupid. I’ve worked for 3 different employers in my nursing career and all 3 have said that they would take me back if I decided to return. What is even more perplexing is that it’s happening in South Florida, which isn’t exactly reputed for having the highest standards in healthcare. Has anyone ever experienced this much trouble with onboarding? Am I overthinking it, or is this really a bad situation to be in? Thanks
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    Average Salary in St. Augustine Area

    28$ an hour for a nurse with 5 years of experience?!