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  1. NewBostonFNP

    Massachusetts NPs - A License Question!

    Can you apply for licensure before you have a job? The online APRN licensing application requires that the applicant apply to be a provider (and fill out a provider application) for MassHealth but it appears you need an NPI number for that, which, as you know, you can't get without a job. Help! I feel like such an idiot that I can't see to do this but the application company, my school, MassHealth have nothing to offer in the way of help! Thanks!
  2. NewBostonFNP

    What credentials do I use?

    Hi! i received my official certification from the AANP today. It says I can use the credentials “NP-C.” I was in an FNP program so would I use FNP-C? Also, are my official credentials “My Name MSN, APRN, NP-C?” I am also currently working as an RN - when I sign off do I have to use my new credentials since it’s my highest education level? Or can I still use “My Name, RN?” thanks!
  3. NewBostonFNP

    Passed AANP on Monday...I Have Questions!

    Thanks for this! A specialty does sound super interesting to me. I did a clinical rotation in a Minute Clinic and felt like it wouldn't be a good learning environment since you are solo after 3 weeks.
  4. NewBostonFNP

    Passed AANP on Monday...I Have Questions!

    Hi! I took the AANP as an FNP on Monday and I have a "preliminary pass." I have a few questions: 1) What licenses should I obtain now and what should I wait for a potential future employee to pay for (no jobs on the horizon currently)? 2) Are there any particularly useful websites for drafting a resume as an APRN? 3) What should I negotiate for at interviews? Are there any things I should supply for myself - like an additional malpractice insurance, etc? And, finally: 4) I grew to dislike primary care during my clinicals. At this point in my life, with small children, I am looking for a job that allows for the most flexibility while also maximizing pay - can anyone point me in that direction? Are there any online institutions that would hire an MSN for courses as a supplemental income I could pick up? Thanks!