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  1. I was hoping to get a little insight about what my chances, realistically, are of getting a position in a new-graduate residency in an ICU (or maybe hear some cinderella stories). I'll be graduating in May with my BSN (one of 5 males in our 60 person cohort 😂 ). This is my second degree, my first is a bachelors from a large state university in human biology. I graduated cum laude from that program, and in my nursing degree thus far I've maintained a 3.83 GPA. My clinical experience thus far has been predominately medical-surgical units, and one rotation on an orthopedic trauma floor. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, any critical care rotations we had were cancelled. Additionally, my program does NOT do any sort of senior capstone/preceptorship, which I think is a huge flaw in our curriculum. Finally, I do NOT have any CNA experience, much less any CNA experience in an ICU. Essentially, I am a great student, but I lack any ICU experience. With that being said, I'm an exceptionally fast learner, and I thrive in fast-paced environments, which I made a point of emphasizing in all of my cover letters. What gives me an inkling of hope is that the current pandemic has closed many critical cares nationwide from accepting senior nursing students, and so Im assuming that this years applicant pool will have far less critical care experience than years prior. I've applied to 8-9 (one application doesn't actually tell you how many units your resume is floated to) critical care units, including: cardiothoracic, medical surgical, cardiac, and neuro ICUs. Each of the hospitals are level 1 trauma centers, and very large. Is there any hope at all for me? My plan is to apply to a few more ICU's in my home state, and then if I'm rejected from all of them, move out West and start applying for med-surg or stepdown unit jobs until I can get my foot in the door in an ICU. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. I'm currently in the middle of my BSN program, with a graduation date of May 2021. I know its rather early to be 'worried' about residency programs post-grad, but I cant help myself. I've really wanted to get into the ICU ever since I wanted to be a nurse, as I think its an environment that I'll find fulfillment in. The problem is, I have a very short list of cities which I'd like to work in upon graduation. I know that my best chance of getting into an ICU is through a nurse-residency program, so how can I best set my application apart from the others? Since I still have time before I would apply, I'm wondering what I can do between now and then to better my chances? I'm a good student with a 3.89 GPA, and before starting my BSN, I obtained a bachelors degree in human biology (not sure how that helps my chances). Some of the residency programs I've looked into require "previous paid/unpaid" experience in an ICU to even be considered. I dont have any critical care experience, and my program does not offer a senior practicum 😞 So does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get some of that experience? Obviously the person best suited to answering that question would be a staff-member or nurse recruiter from the specific facility I'm applying to, but I cant seem to find any contact information besides the main telephone number. Any help here would really be appreciated.
  3. Im new to the site, and Ive seen similar threads for Queens in years past, but none for Fall 2019. Just putting this up to see if anyone else has applied to the program. Now we can all be worried about admissions status together!