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  1. Robyn1019

    New Jersey Approved NCLEX Refresher

    Hi! I have failed my NCLEX 3 times in New Jersey. After 3 times you must do 30 hours of remediation with an approved source to be eligible to retest again. Does anyone know of approved programs/tutors that will help me further my studying and pass the NCLEX, but are also accepted by the NJ BON? I've been having trouble find an acceptable program to use. Thanks in advance!
  2. Robyn1019

    New Jersey Community Colleges

    Hi! I am super late but I went to Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC). It is probably an hour from Toms River. It is a pretty competitive program but like Jackie said if you have your pre-reqs done, have good grades, and haven't dropped/withdrew from a certain amount of classes you will get in. It is a good program, and it is fairly cheap. Definitely worth the commute! If you have any other questions let me know! Robyn
  3. Robyn1019

    Failed NCLEX-RN 3 Times...

    I don't have any kids, but believe me I understand the NEED to pass. It is so frustrating!!!! Since I took the test 3 times now I have to find a refresher course. I can't even find one the NJ BON will accept, and they were on their recommended list!! I am so tired of all of this, I just want to be an RN! I think you should go for it in August. I think I am going to take mine then too if I can get this whole refresher figured out. Life is tough sometimes! I wish you all the best
  4. Robyn1019

    Failed NCLEX-RN 3 Times...

    Hi everyone! Unfortunately I failed the NCLEX-RN for the third time about a month ago. 1st: Kaplan, NCSBN Learning Extension and Saunders Text book 75q's 2nd: UWorld and Saunders Text Book 75q's 3rd: RegisteredNurseRN, Saunders and Nursing Illustrated Text book 106q's I understand most of the content, and if I don't I go over it everyday until I can successfully answers questions. In all I have probably answered over 8,000q's pertaining to the NCLEX. I literally did so well in nursing school that I'm so hurt that the NCLEX is such a road block for me. I have really terrible anxiety, which I am working on, but I feel like a failure. I just want to know if anyone has any tips to best handle test anxiety or other reviews that really helped them pass. Seriously anything that has helped someone pass is a huge help, even if it has to do with the programs I've already used, I'm willing to buy again. So many people recommend UWorld and I loved the program but clearly it did not help me pass yet. Thank you Robyn