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  1. Hi there! I am graduating an FNP program May 2020. The reason for going for my NP is to practice as an aesthetic NP. My experience: LNP-transitional care unit (med pass, wound care, treatments etc), RN, BSN- Intensive Nursing Care Unit- Provide wound care/Wound vac treatments of large variety. I have not worked in the field of derm/plastics/med spa, but have always been extremely interested and know this is where my passion lies. I currently reside in Rochester, NY but I am willing to relocate to find the ideal NP aesthetic job position. I was considering in taking training courses/certificate courses to become certified in botox/dermal fillers etc. I am willing to do whatever it takes to find my spot into the field of aesthetics as an FNP. Do you have any guidance as far as trainings? Discounts in trainings? Interviewing? What to look for as far as laws/policies in an NP aestheic salaried job position contract? What to look out for? Also- are you willing to hire/train a highly motivated new grad NP in your business? Thank you for you time and consideration. 


  2. Hi there! 
    I have read some of your replies to some posts about aesthetic nursing, and sounds like you have a lot knowledge about switching to the aesthetic side of nursing. I have 4 years of acute care nursing experience here in Alberta, Canada, and I have a strong interest in aesthetic nursing but I don’t know how to get the experience and training. My goal is to become a NP and open up my own clinic specializing in aesthetics. Do I have to invest in my own training, or should I try to work at a medical clinic and they invest in the training? I am worried that I will spend all this time and money, and not be able to find a permanent job. Any input about your experience would be much appreciated, thank you! 

  3. Profitable Nurse Businesses?

    I would be interested as well! My personal email is dawn@ecmedicalgroup.com
  4. CA regulations for physician supervision

    In CA there has to be either a NP/PA or MD/DO present in the building while the RN performs treatments. All new patients are required to "consult" with the NP/PA or MD/DO before receiving any treatments. The consult consists of treatment recommendat...
  5. Working on my DNP considering aesthetics.

    I started out as an RN in the ER as well before eventually becoming a FNP ? I started working for a medspa part-time while still working in the ER, but quickly fell in love with the aesthetics field. Its been over 15 years (holy cow) and I can hones...
  6. San Diego Medical Spa

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this was the place to post but I currently own a busy medical spa in San Diego. My husband just recently took a job out of state and I am looking to network with any NPs that would be interested in taking over my practice. I ...