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    University at Buffalo CRNA 2020

    Congratulations to you as well! I am also not from the area. I will be coming from the west coast, but I was really interested to get current students perspectives on the program. I got in touch with someone who just graduated and made arrangements to call them Monday so I can let you know what information I find out. I just thought it was weird that they didn’t have students at their interview and I’m not too sure about the background behind the interim director and last director? But excited to know that I’m starting a CRNA program next year!

    University at Buffalo CRNA 2020

    Hey everyone. Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who was accepted into UB’s CRNA program with 2020 start date? ..or if there are any current students out there? I would live to chat! Thanks

    University at Buffalo CRNA 2019

    Hello I was wondering if you are available to answer some questions about the UB CRNA program? I’m interviewing soon and I am a little bummed they won’t have current students at the interview day to ask questions. Id appreciate if you had some spare time to answer a few of my questions about how you’re liking the program. Thanks.

    Rush University CRNA 2020

    Congrats everyone!! I accepted today as well. I made a FB group page: https://m.facebook.com/groups/457284171547852/?ref=group_browse or search groups on FB for: Rush University CRNA DNP Class of 2023 -Nichole

    Rush University CRNA 2020

    I applied as well! I’m from California. It looks like that 2019 forum said they got interview invites on August 8th I think. I asked the admissions director when I was applying about interviews and acceptance time frames. This is what she told me: interviews end of August, acceptances in September. Does anyone know if this program offers a cadaver lab or only a sim lab?

    KPSAN/CSU 2019

    Congrats SummerKF! That’s awesome! I’ve spoken with a lot of people that have been through both programs recently and 5 plus years ago. If I had the choice, I would 100% choose KPSA. Number one it is a DNP degree which gives you more options in the future if you choose to teach/ work for a university and get tenure. Second, the clinical sites are more diverse in my opinion which will give you better exposure to experience across the state (and out of state). Third, Kaiser has a higher first time pass rate on the certification exam meaning they are better preparing their students for testing than USC. And finally, Kaiser carries a prestige and those graduates are hired quickly at my level one trauma center. You’re in a good position but don’t forget to think about the future and what you can do with your degree!

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