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  1. I really aspire to be a CRNA. I know it will be worth it to go back, but I’m already over $100k in debt from my BSN. There is 40k in my name and the rest is in my mother’s name. I pay on both of the loans each month at almost $1k/month. I could go back to school and defer the loans in my name if I want, but I can’t control the loans in my moms name. It would honestly be stupid to defer the loans I accumulated in her name because interest will collect while in the program. She’s also back in school as well by the way. I understand working while in the CRNA program is not allowed but the loans at least in my mothers name will still have to be paid off, while those in my name can be put on pause. I’m discouraged because it seems like the only way I can go is if I wait 7 years when the loan forgiveness program is complete, or if there’s some angel God sends along to help me pay them off completely. I have 3 years of bedside experience with Burn and Pediatric ICU experience, and currently working in the Coronary ICU full time and Burn ICU PRN. I graduated with my BSN with a 3.6 gpa and currently studying for my CCRN. I’ve shadowed a CRNA and really loved it. My hope is to become a pediatric CRNA. Any advice out there???

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