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  1. Delcon

    Applying to Clackamas Community College 2019

    I'm barely starting my pre reqs this spring. I plan to apply in 2 years. Please let me know how it goes.
  2. Delcon

    Straight A students..

    Thank you! I just talked to my financial aid office and they told me I won't qualify unless I take at least 6 credits every term. Some of the science courses are 5. Sigh. It looks like taking my science classes without any other classes will not be an option unless I have the cash to pay for them upfront. That's good you did so well and enjoyed the classes! I feel like a&p will be really interesting but I'm terrified since I heard how hard it is and I have been out of school for so long. I need a really high grade to make it into a nursing program. Lots of pressure. Thank you for the well wishes! I feel like I'm going to be living on a prayer for the rest of the time I'm in school lol
  3. Delcon

    CNA to RN

    I noticed a lot of new grads feel overwhelmed in med surg. This seems to also be where most new grads get hired on first and have high patient loads. Do you think being a CNA would help in this situation? The school I’m applying to has a lot of clinical time but it’s mostly all in med surg it seems to me that everyone also hates working in that area. I’m planning on working as a CNA as I knock off my pre reqs and was wondering if this would give me a leg up once I get on a busy floor.
  4. Delcon

    Straight A students..

    Did you take statistics and if so did you find that course hard? You think I could get away with taking it with my English course or a humanities elective? Did you find microbiology harder than your A&P classes or easier? Just wondering if I should take microbiology with a psych class or take that one solo too. Im thinking about taking all 3 A&P and chem courses alone. This adds 1 year to my pre reqs. That way I have no other subjects to distract me and I could focus on getting a good grade. I can work longer giving me more healthcare experience points and have more money saved. I don’t plan on working in nursing school. also so Chem seems to be the hardest? I will definitely take that alone without any other classes. Thanks again for your input!
  5. Delcon

    Childcare while in school

    I’m kind of in your same position but only have one child (hoping to have 2 by the time I start nursing school) and I’m barely starting my pre reqs this summer. I feel like you might be able to find a sitter that wants to work just a few hours a week. Maybe a trustworthy high school senior , college kid or a stay at home mom who needs extra cash? You have a few older kids that should be fine doing homework and helping with the younger ones. They can also report back to you if the sitter isn’t trustworthy. My son should be 3 or 4 by the time I get into a program and the school I’m applying to is a community college and has childcare there. The hours are from 7am-6pm. That’s how we’re doing it. I’m saving up for the cost now while I’m doing my pre reqs.
  6. Delcon

    Straight A students..

    How did you get A’s in your science classes? Im very good with english, psychology, history, etc. Math and science have never been my strong suit even though I do find science interesting. I feel like with a lot of studying and hard work I can pull off an A in college algebra so that’s the only one I’m not too worried about. The pre reqs I’m scared of are molecular/cell biology, A&P, chem, and microbiology. so pretty much all the science classes. I’m also scared of statistics. My current situation is... I have a 4 month old baby. I am not working right now but looking to work part time by fall semester. My husband and I will be sharing care-taking responsibility of our son but I see him still being in majority of my care even with going to school and working part time. We have no family in state to help us. In order to have all my pre reqs done to apply for a fall 2021 program I need to take atleast 2 classes every term (with 3 “easy” classes 2 terms) We have a quarter system in my city. I read online and a girl suggested taking A&P alone. I’m not opposed to that but that would push me to apply Fall 2022. Our schools are extremely competitive (aren’t they all) and give extra points for being certified as CNA and having work experience which is what I plan to do part time. so straight A students what are your study tips? What do you recommend? Should I take all A&P courses solo? I have a sequence of 3 that are 4 credits each.