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  1. I am currently doing an online ADN program - and will consider BSN after that - The ADN is costing me 20K ( starting from scratch) and I am 58 years old be finished at age 60 (expect to work till 70) My real goal is to specialize- don't want to be a floor nurse anymore - thinking wound care, mental health, case management- School is Ok but what goes over and over in my head is Pay 20K for a job with shiftwork - working holidays and weekends.  Seems like there is a better investment - should I go back into Modeling? Open a Kissing Booth on campus?

    1. SHANLEA


      Where are you doing your online ADN through?

    2. Older Male LPN

      Older Male LPN, LPN

      Excelsior University with instruction through Achive-test-prep


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