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  1. Hello everyone! So I am currently finishing up my prerequisites to apply for my schools nursing program. 9 years ago, when I was 17 I got arrested for criminal trespassing. My friends and I decided to do some late night abandoned house exploration, and yeah the rest is history. Anyway, I got deferred adjudication and finished that with no problems. I have never been in trouble since (that scared me straight haha) but I am nervous about applying for school with my record. I have looked in to getting my record sealed or expunged, but It says (If I am correct) that these things will still show up on my background check. Does anyone have any advice? Will this affect my application/liscensure? Thank you.
  2. alexlovesit

    Background check? rehire eligibility

    Hi all! I am new here and I'm currently starting my first round of prereq science's for the RN program at my CC. I was looking at the application information and came across this disqualification list on the background check. That includes felonies, sex offender reg, etc. It also at the very end says "Ineligibility for rehire". This freaked me out. I left a job at 19, and was deemed "ineligible for rehire" when I left on short notice. I am 25 now. I also took a coffee shop job about 2 1/2 years ago, where I left, I put in my two weeks, but was still deemed not rehirable after that. My friend works for HR in that company and looked at my file and told me that its auto generated when someone quits. (don't ask me why this company does this, I really have no idea) So now I am freaked out. I am due to apply for the 2020 fall semester at my school, and now I feel like I don't know what to do. Can someone tell me if this "rehirable" status is about clinics/hospitals, or jobs in general? It says they "two standard 7 year employment verification reference searches" ??? Not even sure what that means. I googled a bunch of things, and at other colleges it says things like "unrehirable at the clinics we used you will be denied" so can someone help me ease my nerves? thanks in advance lol

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