Misdemeanor 9 years ago, pre-nursing student

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Hello everyone! So I am currently finishing up my prerequisites to apply for my schools nursing program. 9 years ago, when I was 17 I got arrested for criminal trespassing. My friends and I decided to do some late night abandoned house exploration, and yeah the rest is history. Anyway, I got deferred adjudication and finished that with no problems. I have never been in trouble since (that scared me straight haha) but I am nervous about applying for school with my record. I have looked in to getting my record sealed or expunged, but It says (If I am correct) that these things will still show up on my background check. Does anyone have any advice? Will this affect my application/liscensure? Thank you.

We had a presentation on this at our school and if I remember correctly, even if you get it expunged, the board can still find out. We were told to just be truthful in our application and explain the situation. In your case, it doesn't seem like there would be any issues. Best of luck

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When you were 17 you and your friends thought it was a good idea to explore an abandoned house. Then you found out it wasn't.

I really don't think this speaks to your ability to practice safe nursing and I have trouble believing any Board of Nursing would care about this. I think you should be okay.

You can always check with an attorney who's familiar with Board of Nursing issues to be on the safe side.