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  1. MaleNurse5000

    SUNY Downstate FNP 2019

    Hi LM NY congratulations on being accepted! That must’ve been such a huge sigh of relief. I’m still waiting for feedback from them. Now what you say that the decision was posted online, that has me curious as to where exactly? Do you simply go back to the “apply now” button on Downstate’s FNP program? All I get from there is a message saying that my application was forwarded to the admissions committee for review. I hope I get an email soon!
  2. MaleNurse5000

    SUNY Downstate FNP 2019

    Hi everyone, I wanted to take this chance to reach out to anyone that has applied for SUNY Downstate’s FNP program starting the fall of 2019. I know they have started with the interview process and it may have finished as of now. I wanted to know if anyone has received any feedback since their interview. Thanks.
  3. MaleNurse5000

    Stony Brook University FNP Summer 2019

    @NurseRN5678 Lets not give up hope just yet. If you look at this thread from previous years, you would see there’s a wide timeline of when acceptance letters were received. Whether it be a few days or weeks, there’s many that received some feedback long after someone first mentions having received something. The waiting is horrible, but don’t give up hope.