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  1. Check out crash course for a basic overview. It could help you understand the more basic concepts to help you ask questions about the more complex ones.
  2. Ifi

    UIC NURSING- Interview

    Website said late March for master’s and early April for bachelor’s .
  3. Ifi

    Rush msn gem fall 2019

    I knew people in the program years ago but not currently in the program. I think at the first look they said they go to 110 at least that’s what I wrote down. Yes I think you are right you would get an email saying you are not on the waitlist. My stats are: Manager at peds clinic for like ever (I’m the ripe age of 35). Undergrad gpa in music: 3.26 Grad gpa in sociology: 4
  4. Ifi

    Advice For First Term

    Thank you! This is very helpful information! Best of luck on your second term and beyond!!
  5. Ifi

    Rush msn gem fall 2019

    Good luck to all with the interviews! Would love to hear how it went. For those who have finished, how did it go, what other schools are you applying to? I don't know how I am going to pass the time waiting until March 8th....
  6. Ifi

    Rush msn gem fall 2019

    Oh and something about how Rush values diversity so how would you contribute to that?
  7. Ifi

    Rush msn gem fall 2019

    Tell me about yourself (I am not sure if this is one of the 5 mandatory questions but it is a question I remember). 1-In your opinion what does a nurse do? Or what is the role of a nurse? 2-Tell me about a time when things didn't go as planned and how you dealt with it. 3- What is the most important thing Rush has to offer to you? 4-What is the most problematic issue with Rush's program for you? (I think this question had to do with you foreseeing any issues you might have trouble with, like fast place, work load, etc. I said it was interesting that they have the most clinical hours out of all the other programs I applied to. I also asked why. 5-The Rush program makes a strong recommendation that you fully commit yourself to the program, meaning the 1st and 2nd term, you should not work; do you foresee any issues with this? That's the gist of the questions I remember! Hopefully they are right and can help you out!
  8. Ifi

    DePaul MENP Fall 2019

    I think you can ask to get a password for the DePaul Gateway and/or Campus Connect, but you should get an email from DePaul letting you know you have a message. I don't think they have the Fall cohort decided yet. If you are finished with Chem this semester it should not be a problem. From what I read previously, your grades matter a lot, so if your other prerequisites look good, it should be ok.
  9. Ifi

    Rush msn gem fall 2019

    Yeah, my nerves got the best of me as well! I didn't think I answered the questions in a articulate manner at all! If anyone wants it, I have a vague memory of what most the questions were. I did like that it was a solo interview and not a group one. Also, Rush will give you feedback if you did not make the cut.
  10. Hello, As it is registration season for a lot of folks, I was wondering how many of you choose or are choosing your nursing school programs. I am in Chicago and am looking to become a nurse practitioner and since I have a bachelor's I have applied to masters programs for non-nurses to hopefully speed up the processes of becoming a nurse practitioner. I have applied to UIC, Rush, and DePaul. I had my interview with UIC (and can tell you all about it if interested) and have an upcoming interview with Rush. I have been accepted into DePaul's Summer cohort and I am a bit torn about my next steps. My first choice is Rush because I want to go to their practitioner program in pediatrics, also their rankings are pretty swell. Of course, this is assuming I will get into Rush (and that is a big assumption). There are a lot of things I like DePaul, like the fact that nurses are their top priority and their small class size as well as their price. However, there clinical hours are a lot less than Rush and their nurse practitioner program requires a year of work experience (which makes sense but I want to finish sooner rather than later). I have spoken to a nurse who graduated from Rush's program and she recommends go with the cheapest option. Incredibly sound advice, but I would love to hear some more opinions and hopefully if you know about the nurse practitioner program, would love to hear feedback about that as well. Good luck everyone applying!
  11. Ifi

    Rush msn gem fall 2019

    How were your interviews thus far? I have mine on Monday and going to the First look event tomorrow.
  12. Ifi

    DePaul MENP Spring 2019

    Can I ask want made you chose DePaul?