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  1. Stephanee B

    MSMU Summer 19' ABSN

    Hi!! I’m so happy there’s more people in this chat now I’m so excited for this cohort!
  2. Stephanee B

    MSMU Summer 19' ABSN

    Hi I finished the FAFSA already! And what do you mean met with anyone?
  3. Stephanee B

    MSMU Summer 19' ABSN

    Hi! Yeah I submitted my deposited within the first few days of acceptance. They tell you to start the financial aid process right after that so you have a good chunk of time before you start to figure that out. It was about 4 months before I start in May.
  4. Stephanee B

    MSMU Summer 19' ABSN

    Hi!! Finally I know someone who got accepted! I’m so anxious to start too! You haven’t received the welcome package in the mail right?
  5. Stephanee B

    MSMU Summer 19' ABSN

    Hi there! I was recently accepted into the Mount Saint Mary's ABSN program for Summer 2019. I have been searching for a thread for this cohort or even a facebook page and have found nothing so far...so I decided to create my own! If you were accepted into the MSMU Summer 19' ABSN cohort please respond, I want to be able to meet my peers before the program starts!