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  1. I am starting a new job soon as an APN and its only my second job. I've been at my first job (as an RN) for 9.5 years, so I don't know if things have changed a lot since I started my first job. I'm not sure if its because of COVID or if this is how the hospital always does things, but I am required to do a bunch of online modules to teach myself hospital policies, how to use the charting software, etc. I remember with my current job, this training was done in person and I was paid for the time I spent doing it. But now that its online, I'm expected to do it at home before my official start date and I'm not being paid. The modules are really time consuming. If it was something that could be done quickly I wouldn't question the fact that I'm not being paid, but considering the fact that it takes hours (and its mandatory) I'm wondering if its a little sketchy. Again, its been so long, I don't know if this is just the new norm? Or is it because I am and APN (rather than RN like my first job)? Can anyone who has recently started a new job weigh in?
  2. keepitsimplesilly

    Am I too stupid to be a nurse?

    I agree with those that say to look around for jobs that might have a more relaxed atmosphere. Not sure if you were working inpatient before, but definitely search for some outpatient, maybe slower paced jobs before throwing in the towel!
  3. keepitsimplesilly

    Potentially Hypochondriac Sister

    I am looking for some advice, and also just to vent. I am pretty sure my sister is a hypochondriac. She has been diagnosed with a few psychiatric disorders, though other than OCD, she will not actually tell me her other diagnoses. I am an RN and the only person in her life that works in healthcare other than a couple of her friends. She is 31 years old. We have no history of cardiac disease in our family. She has had a battery of tests done (EKGs, echos, CXR, stress test, labs) that have all come back normal, yet she is constantly convinced she is having an MI. We don't live in the same area, so she will text & call asking if ___ is a symptom of a heart attack. I am always fairly certain she is not having a heart attack, but I always get this moment of anxiety knowing that in young females, MI symptoms are all over the place and not textbook. She has been to various ERs, quite a few times, she probably averages about once every two months. Each time they conclude she is not having an MI. Lately she is convinced she is having syncopal episodes, but what she describes to me just sounds a lot like being tired and falling asleep against her will (which I think happens to a lot of people lol). I told her to go see her PCP but somehow she never seems to be able to make an appointment. Has anyone else ever had a family member that's probably a hypochondriac calling you all the time because you're a nurse? And what did you do about it?
  4. keepitsimplesilly

    Pre nursing student has a question for current RNs

    I know plenty of good nurses who don't have that desire or even a "caring nature". But they safely take care of patients.

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