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  1. Vlp0609

    Dismissal from Nursing program; options?

    I appreciate this feedback. Especially with how I’ve been feeling lately. I am taking the steps though to make this right. And they knew my name because I was wearing my badge, so when I was stopped and questioned is when my name was identified.
  2. Vlp0609

    Dismissal from Nursing program; options?

    No i don’t have substance abuse issues. If that was the case i wouldn’t even bother to try and find ways to fight this. I mentioned the fact that nothing was found on cameras to give details on my situation. Ofcourse nothing would of been found on cameras because vaping did not occur. But thank you for your feedback. I am still trying to find a way. I’m still awaiting on the dismissal letter from my school to move forward
  3. Vlp0609

    Dismissal from Nursing program; options?

    It was a crowded hallway. Idk what the man may have thought he saw but whatever it was it led him to question me when i passed him in the hallway. I don’t vape which is what’s bringing me to try and investigate ways to see what i can do to prove just that.
  4. Vlp0609

    Dismissal from Nursing program; options?

    Appreciate the feedback! Thank you so much.
  5. Hello my fellow peers, I apolgize in advance for this is a lengthy post. So I have been a nursing student now since 2016 and currently in my last year. I attend a private institution. [A little disclosure: I would of graduated May 2018 but I had a setback. I was going through some outside stressors which was beginning to interfere with my education. I wasn’t managing my time effectively, therefore causing me to miss not one but two clinical days. From that, I received (2) academic warnings and had to then sit in front of the dean of the school to prove why I want to be in the program. The meeting resulted in me withdrawing to “find myself.” I was granted an oppurtunity to come back in the fall (August 2018) on the condition that I do not receive any further academic warnings this time around or else it would mean grounds for dismissal] So this brings me here: A week ago, I was under investigation due to an incident that occurred in my clinical rotation. A complaint arose that three individuals had witnessed me vaping around the premises of the hospital where I was having one of my rotations at. The fact of the matter is I wasn’t vaping, nor do I have ownership of one. The school that I attend investigated the complaint further by reviewing camera footage but the footage did not find proof of that occurring. But because they had three eyewitnesses, they have decided to dismiss me from the program. I’ve very passionate about Nursing. I’ve been doing very well academically/clinically up until this moment. I’m devastated. My questions: 1) Would I be able to appeal this and win? 2) Would another Nursing program even accept me after this? 3) Is it advisable to make this a court case? Appreciate any/all advice and/or feedback. Thank you all.