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  1. bootsandcats

    Tips for New Grad ICU Nurse

    Hello all! As the title says, I am a new grad who just accepted a job offer in the ICU! I am very excited. However, I want to be as prepared as possible. So if anyone has tips on how to be successful let me know! Thanks again!
  2. bootsandcats

    My CI is doing things that are unsafe

    Hi all, Thanks for all of the replies. A couple of us got together and did report her. She tried to give PRN medications way too closely together, and also was improperly administering insulin. In both scenarios would have caused some significant damage. It turns out she has had numerous questionable behaviors when I was asking around. We did what you all said, we documented everything. Literally everything. We all went and reported her anonymously. She is no longer allowed to teach clinicals. Thanks again!
  3. bootsandcats

    My CI is doing things that are unsafe

    I'm in my last couple of months of nursing school. My instructor is one of those who can do no wrong (in her eyes). They often belittles students in front of patients/family/staff. (For example: she has yelled at me about wanting to tell the nurse that I was doing something for the patient.) I normally don't care about these things. But something has been bothering me. They has been my clinical instructor for several clinicals. We sometimes get into small spats because she wants me to do something that is unsafe. (ie: pushing a medication too fast. or once she tried to give a pt 5x the amount of prescribed drug.) I don't normally have problems with telling people how I feel. And to be honest, I am worried about the patients she treats. I am lucky that I always ALWAYS look up medications and protocols and have prevented something very catastrophic happening. But I fear that not everyone is as concerned about this... However, she is going to be in charge of my grades for the next several months. They have been known to..... Change them if the graded item is subjective..... But my patient advocacy side is kind of nagging at me. I'm scared of reporting her though, I'm even nervous posting here. Am I wrong in not wanting to report her?