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  1. BraveHeartABC

    PEG tube not being used?

    Excuse my ignorance but I never work with feeding tubes. I had a patient that has a PEG tube for about 2 months. Previously had hiatal hernia surgery. My questi...
  2. BraveHeartABC

    Lithium and Dehydration

    Can somebody explain this to me like I'm 5. I don't understand how dehydration can cause Lithium toxicity. Let's say a healthy individual is dehydrated for the ...
  3. BraveHeartABC

    Should I take the job?

    I am soon to be graduating with an associates in nursing next week. At the end of my community rotation, I was asked if I would want to come for an interview fo...
  4. BraveHeartABC

    Preventing Bed Sores

    thank you beeke!
  5. BraveHeartABC

    Preventing Bed Sores

    Hi everyone, I am a student nurse and I had new patient the other day who had a stage 2 ulcer as said in report. After I went in I saw he had the stage 2 ulcer,...