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  1. AnonymousLady

    To include or not include short employment

    I just started a new job about 2 months ago in a specialty. I'm already looking for a new job due to various reasons, one major reason being I'm a parent to a 1 yr old and I can't be a present parent in my current work situation. I'm currently on nig...
  2. AnonymousLady

    Took the NCLEX today...

    UPDATE: I paid for my unofficial results and I did pass! I just looked at the state website and my license is already up and active too. I should have looked there first so I could save the $8, I'm so happy that I'm officially an LPN though!
  3. AnonymousLady

    Took the NCLEX today...

    I took my NCLEX-PN today and I'm pretty sure I got all the questions and only had 30 mins left. I stopped looking at the counter when I got to 200 questions and it kept going but I am 99% sure that I answered all 205. I felt like I didn't know anythi...