To include or not include short employment


I just started a new job about 2 months ago in a specialty. I'm already looking for a new job due to various reasons, one major reason being I'm a parent to a 1 yr old and I can't be a present parent in my current work situation. I'm currently on nights, I'm missing out on my little one growing up and I miss my family. Switching to days in my current position is not an option as it's based off seniority. To complicate things further, my only other nursing experience is 10 months of Med/Surg. 

Would it be better to leave off my most current employer since I've only been there for almost 2 months or should I include it since it gets me to my 1 year of active experience as a nurse? Any help would be appreciated.

Elissa Barpal

Specializes in Outpatient triage, critical care. Has 45 years experience.

I am an RN with over 45 years of experience and have had "short" employment over those years. Some were due to poor choices realized quickly after getting into the job, others due to family obligations. This early in your career, I would leave this on your resume and be prepared to explain it when questioned, as you will be with any future employer. Make sure you stress you thought working nights would work for your family and it clearly has not and that you could not transfer to a day position as a new employee. I hope this helps! Good Luck!