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  1. S/p Flap Procedure and Clinitron Bed

    Hello, our facility recently received a patient s/p flap procedure to sacrum pressure wound. Pt is also on a Clinitron bed. Has anyone else had any experience on caring for flaps as well as experience on Clinitron bed that could share some knowledge?...
  2. Average Salary in St. Augustine Area

    Wow. That’s pretty low. I’m in LTC now in a management position but when I got my first hospital job as a floor nurse I got offered $32 for 1 1/2 years experience in LTC. It wasn’t even hospital experience. I thought Florida paid better than Colorado...
  3. Average Salary in St. Augustine Area

    I’m looking to relocate to St. Augustine, FL. Can anyone share the average salary for BSN, RN with 5 1/2 years experience? I’m looking into SNFs or LTC or Home Health. Thanks in advance!