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  1. I got a letter in the mail today saying that I’m being investigated by the Texas BON. Simply put, i have four months of unaccounted for narcotic meds. I was fired for not following the standard nursing practice and being an “unsafe nurse”. I admit that I made poor decisions and thought I was simply working smarter but it was wrong. I have since found another job and I don’t dare make those same mistakes. I plan on hiring a lawyer but in need to know what my future will look like. Anyone been in a similar situation? Will the board care if I have learned from my mistake and regret ever doing it? No patient was harmed. It’s just missing meds and undocumented narcotics and not following standard nursing practice. I had been a nurse for almost 20 months when I was fired. This was my first job as a new grad. I never had any prior disciplinary actions before this occurred.