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  1. ChristianK

    Common Supply Form - Medline - Woundcare

    I originally sent this out at work after the management started complaining about the amount of money the company spends on excess wound supplies.
  2. ChristianK

    Common Supply Form - Medline - Woundcare

    Looks like I had to go back and correct two or three things. The revised form is uploaded. One of the errors was a duplication of the sterile saline. Common Medical Supply Request.pdf
  3. For Home Health Nurses, Over the past few years, I developed a list of commonly ordered medical supplies for wound care that I use in the home. The list is oriented toward Medline as they are our agency's supplier. Recently I completely updated and revised the Common Medical Supply Request Form. My main goal is to reduce confusion as to exactly which supplies are actually needed in the patient's home, per the ordered wound care. For the staff members that choose to use the PDF, they can "click" or touch each item and they can see the items on Medline.com. It is designed to help cut supply costs and improve general satisfaction with ordering supplies. Common Medical Supply Request.pdf