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  1. TxRn408

    Got kicked out of nursing school

    Never ever give up! You started nursing school with a reason and a purpose - don't forget it. I had unfavorable experiences with nursing school but graduated and obtained my RN license. I feel deeply for you because I have loans sitting on my head that give me anxiety all the time. You are not alone, there are many people in your position so kudos to getting to the point of being able to talk about it. If a 1% difference means you pass/failed they should apply that thought to tuition!!!!! Clearly if I failed, your programs sucks for ME and I should get MY money back. Im so sorry. I wish there were something I could do/say to make a great difference for you. I wish you the best !!!!!!
  2. It's preference. They prefer to not have a male nurse. nothing against you nothing against men. some people like chicken. some people like fish. No biggie. Don't waste time feeling any particular way. Acknowledge their request and move on
  3. TxRn408

    Conflict of Interest

    Did you read my post well? I did not judge, I simply said "I can't imagine". That's not judgment. I have four children and a I've worked at most two jobs. So I know the struggle. You took the opportunity to discuss yourself, but I had actual questions for the OP - I wanted to know marriage status and children and types of bills and lifestyles because all these things DO impact economic status.
  4. TxRn408

    Dismissal from Nursing program; options?

    Okay, good to know. I know this is difficult for you. Don't face it alone if you don't have to. Use all supports possible. Do appeal once you receive the letter. All the best. And if you take legal routes make sure those people who "saw you" are questioned further.
  5. TxRn408

    Conflict of Interest

    I can't imagine any city in America where you work 3 jobs and still are not meeting your needs. I'm not saying it's impossible but come on. I would like to know what his expenses were. Was he single? Married? Children? Where were his bills from that caused him to work 3 jobs and then some? Agreed. If he truly wants it keep going. Unfortunate that it had to come to that. However, it's important to read the student handbook so that you know the terms that lead to dismissal. Reach out to family if possible. Reach out for city and state resources. Take on extra work at my three jobs. Discuss with school counselors. Find local charities, don't let pride get in the way of your need.
  6. TxRn408

    Dismissal from Nursing program; options?

    So, only because I worked with substance abuse consumers for a while - I am seeing signs (WHICH MAY BE WRONG AND MAKE ME VERY HAPPY) that there may be substance abuse issues. You sound shocked that the footage did not prove anything. Anyway - fight until you can't fight anymore. You and you alone have invested financially, emotionally, physically and mentally in yourself - don't let anyone take that away from you just because they are doing their job. 1) Would I be able to appeal this and win? Follow the appeal procedure. A win depends on your defense and evidence so prepare properly. 2) Would another Nursing program even accept me after this? Not without a thorough investigation 3) Is it advisable to make this a court case? Costly but wouldn't be necessary if you win an appeal. All the best
  7. TxRn408

    Diabetic question!

    Yup! Please do this at least 1-2 weekly and document thoroughly.
  8. TxRn408

    Fired two times and unable to get job now

    Im so sorry you're facing these problems and do hope you can secure a position that its best fit for you. I feel it is important to deal with the stressors in your life so that they do not have high impact on your next role. Did your employer offer a EAP so that you can receive support through counseling? If finances are the primary goal I suggest telephonic nursing. I have four kids, relocated from NY to Texas and needed the flexibility. Try insurance companies as they offer scheduling flexibility and option to work form home. All the best.
  9. TxRn408

    New to Dallas, Tx - I need a Job

    Hey Village, I'm new to Dallas. I've applied everywhere but wanted to reach out about other opportunities that may be out there. I've been licensed for two years, worked only one job (insurance), currently working on certifications (ACLS, PALS, etc). Any feedback would be appreciated.