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  1. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    Yayyy, I’m in! Can’t wait to meet everyone!!
  2. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    Mine has said that for a couple of weeks so I don’t know what to feel about it 😩
  3. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    Did anybody ask how many slots were available in their interview?
  4. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    Nov 6
  5. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    I took Global Health at UNCG and it transferred over, you can email an advisor and ask about the global health class you’re taking and they will normally let you know, at least that’s what I did. As far as nutrition, I took that online at cleveland c...
  6. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    I did ask how many slots and they said 30 and hope to hear back around Nov 6.
  7. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    I feel like it went well! The questions weren’t very hard, some situational questions. I looked at interview questions on Youtube and I feel like that helped. Try not to be nervous, they were very easy to talk to!
  8. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    I got the link as well, thankfully. I’m also on Youtube now looking at videos and writing these questions down. Good luck!
  9. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    OK just checking because I wasn’t sure if my request went through and I signed up for tomorrow.
  10. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    Did anyone get the zoom confirmation email link yet?
  11. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    I was hoping it went through, but like you I didn’t want to do it again since it said only once, so I will wait and see!
  12. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    I think we have to wait for it to be confirmed.
  13. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    Just got the interview email and made my interview for Friday!
  14. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    I haven’t heard anything either.
  15. NC A&T ABSN 2021

    Yes, I'm trying not to be nervous....but when you hear NOTHING, that makes it hard LOL