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  1. hxand

    NHTI Fall 2019?

    I just got my acceptance letter! If it helps, I had a TEAS score of 80, and I had finished A&P 1 and Intro to Psych with A’s, and I am currently maintaining a 4.0 with pre-req’s. Anyone else??
  2. hxand

    NHTI Fall 2019?

    Hello! I've submitted applications for three nursing programs, including NHTI (which is my first choice by far). Anyone else out there?
  3. hxand

    ADN Applicants 2019-2021 Cohort!!!

    I’m in!! Check your mail y’all, NHTI’s acceptance letters have gone out!!
  4. hxand

    ADN Applicants 2019-2021 Cohort!!!

    I have been accepted at LRCC and WMCC, and I spoke with a senior in the nursing program at NHTI. She said we likely won’t hear from them until mid-late March (from the posts here from last year, it appears likely it’ll be towards the end of the month). I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get in; it’s my first choice by a long shot!
  5. hxand

    TEAS scores for Accepted 2018 NH Students

    I have not been accepted yet, but I did apply to NHTI, LRCC, and WMCC for the fall 2019 cohort. I got an 80% overall on my TEAS (89 on Reading, 90 on Math, 66 on Science, and 75 on English), which I'm hoping will be competitive enough to get me in somewhere. NHTI is far and away my first choice, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! What about you? What did you get?