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  1. Hey all, does anyone know which, if any, hospitals in the memphis area offer tuition assistance for ADNs wanting to get their BSN? I’m not yet a nurse but think that financially my best course of action is to get my ADN at SWCC and then start working at a hospital that would help me get my BSN, I just don’t know which hospitals even offer that in my area. I’m also concerned about how easy it would be for me to be hired with just my ADN because looking on indeed.com it looks like most hospitals are already requiring a BSN and so I don’t know if I’ll even be able to find a job when I graduate in 2-3 years. Many input is appreciated. Thank you!!
  2. Hello all! I've decided to make a career change and want to pursue nursing. The following courses are prerequisites to being able to apply to The Loewenberg College of Nursing at the University of Memphis as well as the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Anatomy & Physiology I Anatomy & Physiology II Microbiology Intro to Psychology Nutrition 2202 Because I work full time, I intend to take A&P I and Microbiology over this summer and then take all the other classes in the fall. This would allow me to attempt to apply for nursing school in the spring of 2020 (a long shot) but if not, definitely by Fall 2020 - which from my understanding is less competitive anyways. My concern is that I would only be able to take A&P I in person; Microbiology would have to be an online only course for me due to my work schedule. Do you think this will hurt my chances at all? I ask because I know it is a class+lab and I don't know how that would work with it being an online only course I understand this is probably better suited to me asking the school but I feel like I have been jumping through hoops trying to get in touch with people and it is making me anxious. I just want reassurance from someone who may have been in my shoes at one point. While I'm here, another question: LCON at Memphis says that NUTR 2202 (Nutrition) is a prerequisite but Southwest only offers DIET 1310... Does anyone know if these are the same? Thank you for any insight you guys can provide me. I am just so excited and anxious to begin this journey that I have been ALL up Southwest's butthole about this and they have not been especially helpful thus far.