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  1. That's awesome! How is it going? Do you have any advice?
  2. It sounds like you are being really hard on yourself. I agree with IIg. I think you need input from some professionals in your life. Have you consulted an academic advisor? Or a counselor? Or even your current employer or collegues? I will say this too.... Don't let your "issues" be excuses.
  3. Sheenamac, how did you do on your Kaplan? When do you plan on starting?
  4. Kristine87

    TMCC or Carrington?

    I am planning on starting Carrington in June. I recommned going to their website or give them a call and go to the next information orientation. They will lay out everything that's included/involved with their program. I chose Carrington because I don't have to do 3 years (because of my work schedule and how each class has a pre-req of another that has a pre-req of another) of pre-requisittes, including math and science classes. Carrington offers your math and science classes, along with human anatomy and physiology in the first two of the six semesters. Check out their website or call Pamela, she's the admissions coordinator! Her office number is 335-2931