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Hello! I live in northern Nevada and I have been in my current job for, too long. So, I am finally pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse! 

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  1. Kristine87

    Carrington College_Reno NV, Kaplan 2019

    Hi Devoney! I start classes in Oct, so I will be at least one semester ahead of you. The math is super easy, and you'll have a calculator. The most difficult section for me was the writing. Which was surprising to me, since I consider myself to be a good writer. READ the questions and ALL of the answers carefully and pick the one that is MOST correct. Take all of the time that you have. Good luck!
  2. Kristine87

    Carrington Entrance Exam 2019

    Hi agig, good luck on your Kaplan! The math is suuuuuper easy! You’ll have a calculator to check your work,but you won’t really need it. Cross multiply and divide is what I used for most of the problems. So so I decided to not start this summer. There are a few things going on with my family right now, but I’m actually going to HOPEFULLY be doing days starting in Sept. a friend of mine just started in June on days and she said she like it so far! What do you think of it so far Kendall?
  3. Kristine87

    Carrington Entrance Exam 2019

    Okay, I'm glad you did, because I was about to haha! I remember her saying she was going to call sometime last week or this week, so yeah...I've been getting anxious too!
  4. Kristine87

    Carrington Entrance Exam 2019

    Hey girls! Bayskees, has Pam called you about coming in to do your registration appointment?
  5. It sounds like you are being really hard on yourself. I agree with IIg. I think you need input from some professionals in your life. Have you consulted an academic advisor? Or a counselor? Or even your current employer or collegues? I will say this too.... Don't let your "issues" be excuses.
  6. Kristine87

    Carrington College RN - Current / Alumni

    Good luck on the Kaplan! I'm guessing you're taking it tonight. You'll do great! Math is super easy. USE ALL OF YOUR TIME for the writing portion especially! Good Luck!
  7. Kristine87

    Carrington Entrance Exam 2019

    Hi!! Good job on your test!! I just took my Kaplan last Tuesday and my socres were M: 96% R: 86% W: 86% My end score was around a 277 I think. And I got in! I am working on getting my background paperwork finished so I can start in June for the night classes. Everyone I know who has graduated has loved it.
  8. Sheenamac, how did you do on your Kaplan? When do you plan on starting?
  9. Kristine87

    TMCC or Carrington?

    I am planning on starting Carrington in June. I recommned going to their website or give them a call and go to the next information orientation. They will lay out everything that's included/involved with their program. I chose Carrington because I don't have to do 3 years (because of my work schedule and how each class has a pre-req of another that has a pre-req of another) of pre-requisittes, including math and science classes. Carrington offers your math and science classes, along with human anatomy and physiology in the first two of the six semesters. Check out their website or call Pamela, she's the admissions coordinator! Her office number is 335-2931
  10. Kristine87

    I've had enough.

    First of all, thank you for sharing all of that. That had to be really hard for you. Please remember that YOU MATTER! One person on here asked, would you feel as defeated if you were diagnosed with diabeties instead of depression. I hope you really take those words to heart. Certain diseases cannot be prevented. Depression is most certainly one of them. Please talk to your doctor, teacher, mentor, someone and get the help you need. Good luck and please keep us posted!
  11. Kristine87

    Carrington College RN - Current / Alumni

    I have heard that UNR doesn't take a lot of Carrington's credits. I am curious though because, being in the guard, I can go to any NV college/univ. for free. So i'm hoping that at least UNLV has an online RN to BSN program that takes a lot of the credits from Carrington. When are you looking at starting at carrington?
  12. Hello all! So I don't think I've seen this topic in a while, although I am new to the site. I just took my Kaplan last night (for the second time) and I wrote down what scores they showed me on the screen, and I know they compare it to how others do...but I am just curious to know what scores other people have gotten in with. I scored 19/22 in Reading, 27/28 in Math and 18/21 in Writing. I am just so anxious to get that call, since I'd have to wait a whole year before trying again! Any insight would be helpful! Also, is there anyone else on here looking to start at Carrington for the night cohort this year?

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