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  1. tamsterdam

    Memorial Sloan Kettering Clinical Assistant Program 2020

    It's a video interview first right?
  2. tamsterdam

    Stony Brook BSN program 2019-2021

    I heard that you can hear back all the way until around orientation like what Sydneyr17 said so there is still some time if you haven't heard back yet.
  3. tamsterdam

    NYU ABSN fall 2019

    Did they let you postpone your decision-making to wait for your financial aid package?
  4. tamsterdam

    NYU ABSN fall 2019

    Yeah, they sent me the same email yesterday in regards to a course I did not take yet.
  5. tamsterdam

    Stony Brook BSN program 2019-2021

    I also got accepted! Is there a facebook group?
  6. tamsterdam

    SUNY-Stony Brook ABSN Class of 2020

    Does anyone know when the deposit is due?

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