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rRN04 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pedi/ NICU.

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  1. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    Hey! There is an instagram account for nurse residents and people submit stuff to be posted alot!! It's @chop_nurse_residency
  2. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    Awesome!! Good luck! I just got hired to start in April in their ICU float pool program. Are you interested in any particular area of CHOP?
  3. CHOP 2020?

    Made a board for CHOP 2021 if anyone wants to continue to connect over there!
  4. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    Hi all! I haven't seen a message board for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 2021 New Graduate Nurse Residency Program. We can use this space to ask questions r/t interviewing, being in the program etc. Let's keep the conversation going!
  5. PA BON Requirements

    I think that’s what happened to me! I submitted transcript back in May, and it was still pending. I randomly decided to try and resubmit it through my university this past Aug 2, then I got my ATT on Aug 4. I’m not sure if my receiving the ATT is rel...
  6. PA BON Requirements

    Im in the same boat. transcripts have been "pending review" since May 28th. Everything else has been marked "completed" since May 13th! Is there something Im missing?! Why is it taking so long? I graduated from a school in MA and im moving to PA this...
  7. CHOP 2020?

    ugh that sucks im sorry. I hope you are able to start in July!! I hate this pandemic induced waiting period. It's so frustrating so difficult to wait. im looking forward to the day we can post saying we HAVE heard!! hopefully its soon.. like this w...
  8. CHOP 2020?

    are you in the new RN talent pool? It was addressed to me as a talent pool nurse
  9. CHOP 2020?

    I got a probably automated email from CHOP that said interviews for nurse resident positions will resume in "the near future". anyone have any more info?
  10. School Pretty Much Canceled Clinical

    I'm going through the same thing right now. I'm due to graduate next month. My senior practicum (which I absolutely loved) was cut incredibly short- rumor has it we're still good to graduate though. It's just so unfair, I feel unprepared.
  11. PhD Applicants Fall 2020

    Hi! I was accepted to (and will be attending) UPenn's Fall 2020 PhD program. Anyone else?