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  1. tachyallday

    Capstone Project Ideas - experienced nurse, but new to ED

    Pixie.RN - that is an excellent & one of the recommended strategies for not forgetting - good job. It can happen when our lizard brains are on autopilot & our routine is broken. I used to judge parents HARD until I read this article a number of years back: Can happen to the best of parents! https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/fatal-distraction-forgetting-a-child-in-thebackseat-of-a-car-is-a-horrifying-mistake-is-it-a-crime/2014/06/16/8ae0fe3a-f580-11e3-a3a5-42be35962a52_story.html?utm_term=.3a7bfa7f1417
  2. tachyallday

    Capstone Project Ideas - experienced nurse, but new to ED

    That's hilarious (and kind of a great idea)! I decided that don't want to annoy my new coworkers, so I have picked a community health project about a topic which I feel passionate: prevention of pediatric vehicular heattstroke
  3. not.done.yet Amazing & hilarious (and at least partially accurate) metaphor for an answer! Love it!
  4. tachyallday

    Anyone else go from adult med-surg to PICU?

    This was a HUGE jump for you. Adult m/s to peds m/s to eventually PICU, or Adult ICU to PICU *would* have been easier, however, you sound like an excellent conscientious nurse. So give yourself some credit, because you deserve it. Pretend you are brand-new again nurse again (because you basically, are), and don't set too high of expectations for yourself to learn or learn to critically think faster than you are humanly able. In your off-time read up on what you have experienced on your orientations days. If your preceptor is rude, ask that he/she treat you with respect. Explain that you are struggling, and his/her workplace incivility (WPI) is making it more difficult. Feel free to throw out there that WPI negatively affects morale, and negatively affects patient safety - because it does. This person has probably never been called on their BS before. You are an adult, so act like one, and speak up for yourself. If this fails, and your preceptor is still a jerk, ask your director for a new preceptor, and outline why. And to repeat, give yourself some credit!
  5. Agree, you will have endless opportunities after you get a few years of experience in the ICU! And you were lucky to get hired there! I started in ICU, went to PICU & Pediatrics 5 years later, and 5 years after that am heading to the ED next month, and also will be filling in as house sup. After you work in ICU in a few years, people give you this treatment of, "oh you're an ICU nurse? Then you can do anything." And it will be true to a great extent. Just know you will work HARD for that respect you will receive down the line. Harder than you can imagine. And it will be downright frightening at times. Of course, with babies and kids, it can be scary too. Five years later (and 10 years of being a nurse), they still scare me sometimes. Also, with regard to how people will eventually respect you, stay humble.
  6. Hey Everyone! I have been a nurse for almost 10 years. Over 5 spent in various adult ICUs, over 4 spent in pediatrics/PICU. I have always wanted to try working in the ED. It's been part of my nursing bucket list. So I'm checking that off next month when I transfer and will be rotating between adult & peds ED. I realize I will need to 'stop being an ICU nurse,' and I'm focused on looking forward to learning new things, and working in a new environment. I'm also a little terrified. I am finishing up my BSN as I write this and will be graduating in April. I need a topic for a Capstone project ASAP. I see my being the newbie (without prior ED experience), as a barrier to gaining buy-in or my new coworkers taking any potential ideas for a project seriously. With that being said, anyone have any great ideas for a project? Thanks for reading!
  7. tachyallday

    Capstone Project Help

    Or something community-related/ educational that I could present at a YMCA...
  8. tachyallday

    Capstone Project Help

    I would love to hear any, and all ideas for Capstone projects. Centered around ER (adult or peds, or PICU/Pediatrics. Thank you so much!