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  1. Anyone recovering by choice?

    Thank you, I genuinely appreciate the thoughtful replies. I have been taking it 24 hours at a time. Not only, for not drinking, but just getting through the day. I haven't had wine since Saturday. That's the longest break I have had in a few months. ...
  2. Anyone recovering by choice?

    Thanks Everyone. "If we don't make a choice to recover, we make a choice to suffer." Thank you. I guess what I meant by choice, was, nothing forcing anyone into recovery. Most of the posts I have read talk about legal issues & monitori...
  3. Anyone recovering by choice?

    around me. I blend right in.
  4. Anyone recovering by choice?

    It seems everyone here has been charged or "caught" with something. No judgement. Just being frank because I don't have the energy to sound sensitive or compassionate right now. I have wondered if I was charged with something, would that be the motiv...
  5. ICU to ED RN

    From someone that did many years of PICU & ICU, and now works in the ED. I would not have been able to walk into a per diem job ready to fly as an ED nurse. I think you may not know what you don't know. The ED is so different. You need to learn h...
  6. Aspiring RN, degree in Emergency Management?

    I am a nurse of over 10 years with ICU, PICU & ER background & department supervisory background. I just started in the ER early this year & started filling in as house supervisor here and there. After a disaster drill when I found myself...
  7. I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    seriously, and $&*^ all over them. ICU? Couldn't do days? wth? A little gratitude goes a LONG way. OP has cost organizations a lot of money with his/her whims & I have zero respect for that.
  8. I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    Harsh words coming up here. The problem is you. Stop what you are doing. Take 100% accountability. Stop making excuses. Get used to being out of your comfort zone. It sucks balls to be a new nurse. Your resume is covered in red flags, so pick a job a...
  9. Bullying / Hostile Work Environment

    F this situation - you can do so much better. I recommend saying, "peace out." Good luck, the world is your oyster (to a degree, a big one!) ❤️
  10. ICU floating to ED

    No, not the norm, and sounds dangerous for all involved.
  11. Quitting during probation/orientation

    Whenever I take a new job, I tell myself I will give it a full year - that is enough time to decide if I really like it or not, and enough time to count is as experience on my resume. I have been off of ED orientation for 2 months. It's really hard t...
  12. Women's Right to Choose

    I'm not here to argue this^^^ I just presented both sides as I understand them. I'm tired of each side demonizing the other. Pro-lifers aren't out to subjugate women, and turn the US into that Hulu show that is so well-done that I can't even remember...
  13. Women's Right to Choose

    here is the issue: pro-lifer's honestly believe the embroyo/fetus/baby is SEPARATE from the mother, and feel they are protecting an innocent life, not rolling back women's rights. pro-choicer's honestly feel the embroyo/fetus/baby is PART of the mot...
  14. High (sort of) potassium

    Thank you!
  15. High (sort of) potassium

    Lol @ "would you care to speak with ER Doc?" - I'm going to utilize this question - thank you! Ok, so I'm not off-base in my assessment that these docs are getting really excited when there is no need... In your ER experience, when do you start to ge...