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  1. amerie89

    UK RN moving to California - HELP

    If you study in the U.K. you will be missing psych obs and gynae paeds etc. You will have to make those up at a California school before getting permission to take NCLEX. At the moment anyway, that may change. I know concurrency requirements have been lifted for the duration of the covid 19 emergency. But honestly I would say it’s not worth it and you may never get there so if you want to work there, figure out a way to study there 🙂
  2. amerie89

    Graduate UK nurse making move to USA

    Hi Amrat, I also have a bachelors degree in Law and when I finished this I worked for a year in the US on a non immigrant J1 visa. I got an SSN during this time. The only way to get one is to be deemed eligible to take up employment in the US, luckily I previously had that opportunity. God luck x
  3. amerie89

    Graduate UK nurse making move to USA

    @Futurenurse265 I am a UK trained nurse. I have a social security number which means I can apply to the CA state board for application to test. When I apply, they will send me back a list of my deficiencies which will most likely be paeds, obstetrics and perhaps mental health. I can then apply to make up these deficiencies at an approved school within CA state. Then reapply and eventually be granted permission to sit NCLEX in CA. Then I must find an employer to sponsor me or use an agency. If you don't have an SSN you can not apply to CA. But you can apply to other states. Other states aren't so strict about making up requirements like paeds, MH etc. It is obviously not possible to do 4 branches of nursing training in the UK. You can figure out the hours requirements for each state board by visiting their website. Figure out what our school offers and then talk to your tutors about making up extra hours in each field if they are willing to let you do that. Also opt for spoke placements in places like NICU, gynae, do extra mental health hours etc. Its definitely possible, just a lot of work. If its something you have your heart set on you will do it 🙂 Good luck xx
  4. amerie89

    Graduate UK nurse making move to USA

    Awesome well done :) :) do you mind if I ask what agency you are using as a lot of agencies are trying to send people to less popular states? Obviously your agency was agreeable to letting you pick the state of your choice yes? :)
  5. thanks so much for that! 🙂
  6. Awesome thank you, I will have a look through to see what I am looking having to make up! Also last question, can you clarify what you meant about the two year time frame with CA BON. Is this two years from date of application to getting everything squared up to qualifying for the exam or two years from the date they approve the application to take the exam? I want to make sure I have my timeline correct before applying to make sure everything is doable! Im sure that info will be on the site anyway right? 🙂
  7. amerie89

    UK nurses going to the US

    Did texas BON find deficiencies in your transcripts? I have an SSN so would like to register with CA but I know I will be short in Obs! If there are boards which are easier for UK nurses to qualify for I would just go for them instead? 🙂 X
  8. amerie89

    UK nurses going to the US

    which state board did you apply to for nclex if you don't mind me asking? 🙂 with the agencies, how can they send you to any state if your license if valid for the state you applied for nclex through only? or am I missing something there 🙂 X
  9. Thanks for the response. So you are saying that with a UK BSN, I will be short in every state and have to spend time at a school making up the deficiencies? For some reason, I thought it was just CA that were super strict with regulations like this. Another thing is the agencies who are currently trying to recruit nurses and sponsor them to go to wherever they are short have not seemed to have heard of this. They say they have never had a state board reject credentials. They usually recommend I guess the less popular states for licensure such as Georgia, Alabama etc. and don't recommend licensure in CA ( Im sure that's because they don't send people there anyway). But just cant seem to get any real information on where UK nurse can apply and not have to make up deficits. 😕
  10. amerie89

    Graduate UK nurse making move to USA

    Did anyone end up doing this course 🙂
  11. Hi Silverdragon :) So I'm pretty sure it will be obstetrics I will be short in. Regardless of what it is, I don't want to pay the $750 fee, to be shown us as short and not have the option to even take the classes to make up the hours at the moment. I would probably just try another state as I cant afford to spend 6+ months studying and not working in CA at the minute :( I may see if I can get a contact to ask about this shortage. What are the best states (or the easiest in terms of credentials being accepted) to apply in at the moment? Any info is much appreciated :)
  12. Hi, thanks so much for the response! So I had actually looked at the Kings College course and from what it advertises, it looks like its directed at passing the NCLEX rather than making up hours. But I will contact them directly to see what their program is for and post on here in case anyone is interested :)
  13. Hello! Just wondering if anyone has any info on a foreign graduate (UK) taking getting registered for NCLEX with the CA BON? I have an SSN but Im pretty sure with my UK BSN I will be short obstetrics hours. I have heard through the grape vine the board will then only let you make up the hours in a program in California. I cant afford and don't want to waste the time I could spend working, making up these hours in CA where I wont be able to work (as in I could be working in another state and working towards the hours). Does anyone have any experience with this. Anyone's situations/thoughts appreciated. Many thanks, Annmarie!

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