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  1. alymarie011916

    Fall 2019 MN MANE Applicants?

    Hey all! So the deadline for the MANE programs is on Friday and I was wondering if anyone else applied! I personally only applied to Inver Hills with a 11.9 composite score (3.18 gpa, 87.2% TEAS) which is a tad on the lower end, but fingers crossed!). Not looking forward to the next 6 weeks of waiting anxiously at the mailbox, so I figured starting a discussion about it may help a little
  2. alymarie011916

    MANE, how many pre-reqs?

    Sorry this is late, but if you're still wondering there are four classes that you must complete before applying, and then an additional four you have to finish after you've been accepted, but before the program starts. When you're applying they only look at those first four courses and your TEAS score, so it really doesn't matter if you complete any of the others ahed of time. The specific pre-reqs vary slightly depending on which of the MANE schools you're looking at, so I would just double check each of the schools websites to see which ones you need.

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