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  1. Thank you Krissy and VRS I'll get in wherever/whenever I'm supposed to, I'm happy with all my current jobs haha. Just super excited about being a nurse - I'm an IBCLC/Nutrition Educator for the health department currently. Did everyone get an email at the same time? Or are they sending them at different times of day?
  2. Yay! I'm happy for you!! I didn't get anything so I will see what happens with my other applications, but they start later so it'll be a while
  3. I haven't, did they go out today?
  4. Yes! Thank you for the information. Good to know it will be this week. I'll try not to check my email every second .
  5. Here you go! There are in person sessions, and then the virtual sessions so that's something you can attend from Cookeville! https://nursing.utk.edu/students/open-houses-information-sessions/
  6. I do live in Knoxville, yep! Hopefully we'll both get in! Are you pretty far away now? There are some information sessions about the program that I'm going to try to make, at least one of the virtual sessions.
  7. Hi Krissy! I have also applied and haven't heard anything yet. A post from Feb 5th 2013 for this program said that they hadn't heard anything yet either, so it might be closer to mid-Feb or March. I thought that we would have to have the video interview completed by the end of January, but haven't received an invitation for that so far.

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