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  1. Hello - I was wondering what you thought about Xavier's program so far. Would you recommend it to others?

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    2. Futurenurse011


      Basically everything is online. There are no lectures. You will read the chapters in your textbook and take quizzes, exams and complete worksheets and discussion boards. The exams do not match what you’re reading at all. There are no study guides either. You will have lab twice a week the only human contact you have. You are expected to perform skills in the lab that you read in the book. You will not get demonstrations from the teacher in lab because they expect you to know it since you “read” the book. They are no help, they do not answer emails, lab is a complete joke. Also there is no open lab to practice your skills for when you have check offs. Which makes it harder to practice your skills like inserting a Foley, wound care, mixing insulin. Basically you just wing it because you practice once and that’s it since there’s no open lab. Essentially you’re getting a BSN online with no direction on what to study, no lectures and no study guides. Find another school that has in class lectures that way you can ask questions, learn and be successful in nursing school. It’s hard and having everything strictly online with no direction it’s insane. I just finished my first semester here and honestly I’m not learning anything!!! Also I just found out that the school is in trouble because their nclex scores are dropping tremendously. 

    3. jwhnurse


      Wow! This does not sound good - thank you for taking the time to share. It was my understanding from my advisor that the practicums are a large part of the program, have you started those yet? Are there student study groups within the cohort that are accessible? That is concerning regarding the NCLEX scores as well, one of the reasons I am applying is that it was my understanding this program has a very high NCLEX pass rate.

    4. Futurenurse011


      The advisors are liars! I was under the impression that we had in class lectures that’s exactly what they told me. They will do anything to sell the school on how “perfect” is it but it’s the complete opposite I regret going here but I cannot drop out since I have less than a year left. Yes we’ve started practicum. You start them your first semester and like I said you have no time to practice besides the only time you go to lab which is a complete joke because we’re not doing anything half of the time and then you’re tested over it a week later. Also your first semester like I told you before you have lab twice a week that’s the only human contact you have but once 2nd semester hits you will not have lab anymore at all so no human contact expect for going to clinical. So yeah basically everything is online. I have a study group of 4 people I had to make friends my first day and ask if they wanted to be study group we help each other and encourage each other but it’s still hard because you have no direction of what you’re learning. If you go to a program that has in class lectures it’s better because you’ll be in lecture for like 3-4 hours but here at Xavier you don’t. You’re basically only at home the entire week besides two days of lab your first term. Nope the nclex rate is horrible!!! They are using the 100% rate on stats from 2015! Don’t be fooled! Plus I just found out that Xavier basically paid a company called Orbis to make the entire absn program. So the teachers don’t make the exam or quizzes it’s all orbis so the teachers are clueless have of the time. Also they’re mostly adjuncts professors and the turnover rate is incredibly high!! Please be aware I didn’t do as much research as I should have with this school but I do not recommend it to anyone. Please go to a school with in class lectures and teachers that are in the school to help you when needed. All the teachers online live all over he world they’re not even where the school is located.. 


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