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  1. Hello this is Friday24 I would like to ask is it possible to do this, I am a RN passer in Hawaii unfortunately i can practice in California. Is it possible i can transfer or go to a lower position such as LVN ( RN to LVN) to California is that possible to rank lower without taking another examination due to the circumstances
  2. Friday24

    Just took NCLEX

    Congrats I too had lots of Sata and prio i had no disease
  3. Friday24

    Endorsement to Nevada

    Hello i am Friday 24 i want to ask about endorsing my License from Hawaii to Nevada, i am a us citizen and a ssn holders i graduated my nursing in Philippines and have my highschool diploma i currently just passed the nclex and wanting to push through for Nevada. Do i need to take the TOFEL or ILETS further more do i need to open again the CES/CGFNS and get my transcripts i know this post is very old but i need some help. Please provide me information in what i need to do..
  4. Friday24


    Hello I am Friday24. I currently Passed and RN in Hawaii, I would like to ask about the Endorsement regarding Hawaii to Nevada, I am a US citizen and a SSN holder I also graduated Highschool in California and pursed my Nursing in the Philippines. I was told that Nevada does a case by case papers that don't allow you to take the English Proficiency Exam. I was hoping if anybody may have the same situation as me or have pass through this trial as I did i would like to inquiry information regarding what am I supposed to do. Please message me to have a clear understanding in what am I supposed to do and furthermore regarding the Exam.

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