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  1. RenoNurse3233

    ABSN Brookline College Spring 2019

    I just finished the HESI with a 92%. I plan on starting in April for the Accelerated BSN program. Does anyone have anything to say about that program? I read bad things... but that's from almost 10 years ago. I know they have a better Dean now and everything.
  2. RenoNurse3233

    Roseman University ABSN - Change, Growth and Learn

    What about continuing education if you wanted to do MSN? Roseman is a pass/fail program and courses, correct? do you know how that would look on applications to MSN programs? Since there isn't really a GPA to go off of. Thanks in advance!
  3. RenoNurse3233

    Carrington College RN - Current / Alumni

    I went to UNLV I don't believe they have a bridge... although I have friends that have done Nevada State College or Chamberlain. I have talked to a few alumni from Carrington and they have said they haven't had any trouble getting into RN to BSN programs. I am just nervous about continuing to MSN. I am taking the Kaplan this week and applying my march 8th. Also applying to WNC and CSN.
  4. RenoNurse3233

    Carrington College RN - Current / Alumni

    Hello! I am applying to carrington Reno RN, and have some concerns. Does anyone know if carringtons credits will transfer if I decide to further my education to a BSN and MSN program? I am worried that I will pay the cost for this school and then will not be able to take any bridge programs to even get my BSN. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!