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  1. jleegato

    CSULA's ABSN program Summer 2019

    Hang in there. Past X number of years, the calls have been on-going for about 3-4 days it seems.
  2. jleegato

    CSULA's ABSN program Summer 2019

    Seriously rooting for you guys! Well everyone, but especially those of us who’ve been chatting on here. C’mon!!!
  3. Hello everyone. First off, thank you taking the time to click and read through my post. I would imagine that the title of my post resonated with those of you who have either had similar concerns (and met them head on while working as RNs presently) or are going through those concerns at this time in preparation for your schooling! Congrats, by the way . Anyway, I am preparing for several kinds of programs - basically whichever one I get into and will prepare me for the richest experiences and opportunities post-nursing school. I've applied to (1) ADN programs, (2) accelerated BSN programs, and (3) entry-level/direct-entry master's level nursing programs. As the title of this post suggests, my concern is in regards to money, and more specifically, loans. I live in California, and the majority of the programs I've applied to reside in or near greater cities in our state, save for two schools which are out-of-state. Anyway, my top two choices are in California. One happens to be an ABSN, while the other an entry-level MSN program. The schools will set me back 50,000 and 85,000 in private loans, respectively. These values nominally-speaking include virtually all expenses (tuition, extraneous educational costs, rent, board, gas, insurance, unforeseen emergencies). I don't feel particularly young anymore at 30. And while I've enjoyed an exciting and non-linear job path thus far in life, I would definitely like some advice from my fellow students and/or RNs who could give me some realistic advice. 50,000 in loans is no joke. But I've also read it is manageable. Your thoughts on the matter are most appreciated!
  4. jleegato

    SFSU Fall 2019 Entry Level MSN

    Hi everyone. I just got off the phone with a SON rep. Not receiving a confirmation is normal. Cheers! -J
  5. jleegato

    CSULA's ABSN program Summer 2019

    Thanks @RNtobe26. You the man (woman?).
  6. jleegato

    SFSU Fall 2019 Entry Level MSN

    Hi guys, I was wondering if the email is sent to your SFSU login email or the application email. I still need to login to SFSU for the first time.