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  1. gravy94

    Part Time Job

    Hi everyone, I just graduated and will be starting in ICU residency program. I am thinking of getting a per diem (registry) position to helpout will bills. Is that a good idea? If yes,what kind of places hires new grads as per diem? thank you!
  2. gravy94

    Peer Interview and Shadow

    Hi Everyone, I went to a career fair recently and I met with the manager for a New Grad ICU position. She invited me back to meet the staff and shadow. What kind of questions should I prepare for peer interview? What are some Do's and Don't for peer interview and shadow. Thank you!
  3. gravy94

    New Grad in NeuroICU

    Hi Everyone, I'll be starting as new grad in NeuroICU. Can you guys share some tips on how to be successful in ICU setting. What are the common type of patients are seen in NICU? Is there specific things that I should really know? What are some resources you guys use or used to help you in NICU? TIA!