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  1. UIC DNP Fall 2021

    Anyone that was waitlisted, did you get accepted into the program?
  2. Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2022

    My application status on NursingCas still says verified. Anyone else received interview invite? or status update?
  3. Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2021

    How would I know if my references received an email from NursingCas for recommendation?
  4. Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2021

    Hi guys, these might be dumb questions: where do I put names for recommendation letter and how do I know what school uses to send transcripts? Do I have to pay for these transcripts? Thank you!
  5. Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2021

    I didn’t apply to RFU last cycle. this will be my first time applying. Trying to get in my application as early as I can.
  6. Rosalind Franklin CRNA 2021

    Does anyone know if I upload transcripts to NursingCas before application open date, can I transfer that to my application or should I wait until the application opens up? TIA! I am planning on applying to RFU.
  7. NorthShore DNP-CRNA Fall 2022 Start

    Has anyone heard anything? Is Northshore done sending out interview invites?
  8. NorthShore DNP-CRNA Fall 2022 Start

    Anyone else heard back from Northshore?
  9. NorthShore DNP-CRNA Fall 2022 Start

    Does anyone know how long does it usually take it to hear back from them?
  10. CRNA Admission

    For those who are in school or applying to CRNA school, what type of extracurricular activities did you guys do? What helped you stand out in your application?
  11. Please Help!!

    Maybe I didn’t make myself clear when I asked this question. I meant to ask do people have 2nd job and if yes, what kind of nursing or non-nursing job? Eveyone on here, I did not ask anyone how to fill my life nor am I sick of my friends. I was onl...
  12. Please Help!!

    ??? @NICU Guy Ive never just sat around and I’m bored out of my mind rightnow. And I did all that and I’m still bored.
  13. Please Help!!

    Hi Everyone, I am a new grad and work full time. Does anyone have any advice on what they do on their days off? I am single and don't have any obligations. Any advice would be appreciated?

    Congratulations on graduating and having multiple offers! I'd pick bigger hospital because at bigger hospital you'll get to see alot and gain more experience. With that experience, you can also transfer to ICU. My commute is an hour long and I love ...
  15. New nurse overutilizing ED tech

    I used to work as a tech where nurses have overutilized their techs. Many times it’s the environment and thinking process nurses have. I’ve had nurses tell me I didn’t go to nursing school to wipe people’s butt or I have charting to do everytime pati...