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  1. nicole.schoolRN

    Students to quarantine until test results received??

    Awsome! Thank you for the info! I will definitely check it out!
  2. nicole.schoolRN

    Does your office have running water?

    Wait your clinic doesn't have a sink? WOW!! I think in FL all clinics by law have to have running water. Anyways...We are discussing transforming my clinic (which is right by the front door, has a sink in the clinic area, plus a bathroom with another sink) into the "isolation room". Then we will use the staff lunch/break room (also has a sink and 2 bathrooms each with sinks) into the clinic for our everyday kiddos.
  3. Hi friends! What are you all doing if an employee calls in saying they are having 'respiratory symptoms'. This is my situation right now. We have a bus driver (who always wears a mask, around kids who always wear a mask, only 5 kids on the bus) who called in saying she is having 'respiratory symptoms'. We are making her quarantine until her time is up (at minimum 10 days) or until she brings back a test result. But what do I do with the 5 students? Do they have to stay home until her test result comes back? HELP!
  4. nicole.schoolRN

    Contract for parents before students return to school

    I understand that there will still be issues with pickup but if this contract gets the attention to at least a handful of parents I think I'd be worth it! I was also thinking it would be more of a teaching platform than a contract. I would include things like when the student needs to stay home, when a student can return back to school, the importance of keeping the nurse informed about positive/negative tests or any symptoms the student exhibited, etc....We also have a handbook that parents sign but lets be real nobody is reading 50 pages of rules. Maybe, just maybe, if I make this COVID-19 contract a separate contract it'd be taken more seriously?! I have no clue...I'm at a lost with this whhhhooollleeee situation 😞 I'll type something up today and add it here. PLEASE give me all of your thoughts and ideas! THANKS
  5. I'm curious if anyone is making parents sign an agreement before the start of school that includes something along the lines of ... -not sending in sick children -always having an updated phone number available -agreeing to picking student up immediately if symptoms are present -proper quarantine -etc. If you have something already typed up, would you mind sharing 🙂 Thanks!!
  6. nicole.schoolRN


    What brand of contact less thermometer is everyone ordering for your schools? I had a few in mind but they are all out of stock...surprise, surprise! My school is asking me to order ASAP and all I can find are cheapies found on amazon.
  7. nicole.schoolRN

    diabetic question

    Good morning everyone :) I have what is probably a simple question, but curious what others so in this situation. I have a new diabetic (in kinder). Mom wants me to give medication AFTER lunch because its not exactly known how many carbs she is really eating. So do I.... Have student come to clinic, check BG, give correction dose, send back to lunch, after eating come back to clinic so that I can count carbs and give second injection to cover carbs. Or do I.... Have student come to clinic, check BG, send back to lunch, after eating come back to clinic and give only one injection (correction dose + carb coverage). Thanks everyone!!
  8. nicole.schoolRN

    Diabetic question!

  9. nicole.schoolRN

    Diabetic question!

    I have! Everyone is fully aware of the situation. I just wasn't sure if other schools had a "send home policy".
  10. nicole.schoolRN

    Diabetic question!

    Thank you. Admin if fully aware of the situation. This breaks my heart seeing this poor kid so miserable.
  11. nicole.schoolRN

    Diabetic question!

    Done. Now what? Wait? Keep reporting it?
  12. nicole.schoolRN

    Diabetic question!

    Hi everyone! You all helped me so much with my last question, now I have a fun new scenario! I have a diabetic student that was diagnosed back in June 2018. He is 10. He was last seen at the endocrinologist August 2018. His BG is all over the place but usually 300-400. Ketones usually negative but sometimes trace amounts. The DMMP that I have on file (FROM AUGUST) only allows me to give him insulin during lunchtime. I have contacted the diabetic educator and MD multiple times for further instruction but because he hasn't been seen in such a long time they are unable to give me further instruction or orders. Yes, I have reported this (the Dr. office did too!) His family will not take him to the doctor, nor will they give me any information why. I have offered to help in any way possible (car ride, insurance reasons, costs, etc.) but they wont accept help. The last time he has a high BG (427) I sent him home and he didn't come back to school for TWO WEEKS!! Family said he is home until they are able to "regulate" his sugar. So now I fear sending him home.... My question is... What is your school policy on high BG levels? Do you send home at a certain point? 911? I don't know what else I can do! **Help new school nurse and I don't have much information in my files about what to do in this scenario**

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