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  1. april1785

    Sutter Health New Grad Sacramento 2021

    I'm not sure how long the process is. I've applied and I haven't got any phone calls or emails, but my status did change from Under Review to Reviewed by Hiring Manager. So I hope thats a good sign!
  2. Hi all! Just wanted to start a post for the Sutter Health, new grad jobs that were recently posted in October. There were medsurg, ortho, pcu, cardiac recovery positions for the greater Sacramento location. Has anyone else applied? Feel fre...
  3. april1785

    UC Davis Nurse Residency Program 2021

    I also applied! My application still says “under review” does anyone know how long the process usually takes?
  4. april1785

    Scripps New Grad Jan-Oct 2022

    Does anyone know the Pay/hr for Scripp? Im from Northern California looking to relocate.
  5. Wanted to start a post about New Grads in California. I’m from Northern California, Sacramento specifically. I graduated in May 2021, passed my NCLEX on Aug 2021. It’s October currently & still haven’t landed a job yet. I had an interview for a h...
  6. april1785

    UC Davis Nurse Residency Program 2021

    I also applied! Haven’t heard anything yet. Does anyone know how long the process takes?
  7. Hi everyone, New nurse here! Just passed the NCLEX on August 2021. Was wondering what the difference between New Grad RN program VS applying to a Regular RN job? I know New Grad RN programs are orientation are typically 12-18 weeks dependin...
  8. april1785


    @JazzyO For the enrollment criteria: I had to use the computer to calculate the points. I used Google chrome to open the enrollment criteria, and I clicked the circles/bubbles (dont know what its called), in all the boxes, when the bubbles are f...
  9. april1785


    Hey! Its my first time applying to SCC. 🙂 good luck!! I'm thinking of applying to delta college too, but I read somewhere that they only accept active students?
  10. Hey everyone! Has anyone applied to the SCC nursing program for Fall 2019 yet? 🙂 its my first time applying! And has anyone applied to Delta College?