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  1. Rutgers CRNA 2021

    I hear they have a psychiatrist on the panel... IDK how accurate that is though
  2. Is the grass greener in ICU?

    Hm. I started in Med/surg. Very task oriented. Move to ICU. You’ll grow. 1 or 2 patients. Get out now if you can. No need for more experience. If there are openings in the ICU. Take it, you’ll never feel ready. Just trust it.
  3. New nurse, how incompetent am I really?

    During a residency program- they usually evaluate your progress every week. Make a note of the things that happened , date and time. If you had talked to a charge nurse about your assignment , note that. And what they’ve said verbatim and who it was....
  4. How to grow a thick skin and not take things personally?

    I always have the mindset of patients being sick and not being themselves, that includes their family members. I forgive them but be firm. you shouldn’t remind them of anything. Just tell them that it’s inappropriate. in regards to coworkers, I r...
  5. Stress in my job. Is nursing really for me?

    Everyone deals with stress differently. The news of the old nurse about to get fired is not your news to deliver, why worry about it? I certainly wouldn’t put a lot of time thinking about it.
  6. Putting in orders without an order.

    It depends on your facility protocols. We have a lot of nursing driven policies such as removing foleys, doing repeat blood work, EKGs, giving atropine/épi/defibrillating during critical situations, doing ABGs and others. When nurses enter orders, do...
  7. Hgb 3, jehova’s witness. I think sometimes we over transfuse. Our hospital questions transfusion orders if hgb is >7.
  8. JUST Do it. Healthcare is going towards advanced degrees. We have a shortage. If I were in your situation, I wouldn’t ask questions. I would do it, do the 2 yr contract wherever they place you. Suck it up for 2 yrs.
  9. HELP! transporting patients

    I’m not sure if this is of any help but I work in the ICU, we get 2:1 or 1:1 depending on acuity. We transport everywhere except transferring pts to another facility , we have critical transport from a separate company for that and our patients are e...
  10. Hi Maria, I had the same experience when I started the ICU or any nursing floor for that matter. One thing that I can tell you is to welcome these experiences because that is how you’re going to be able to know how to react to situations like these i...
  11. When to call doctor about pvc’s?

    In my facility, we have standing orders to replace electrolytes and to do an EKG for abnormal rhythm. after I’ve replaced magnesium and K, if MAP is <65 or SBP <90, or symptomatic and an EKG.
  12. Tips for dealing with techs/pct’s as a new grad

    Hm. I work in the ICU and I barely ask for help from CNA/techs. They’re very underpaid for the things they do. They do a lot physically. That will drain anyone. I get why sometimes they’re frustrated. I don’t take any of the things they say personall...
  13. Columbia CRNA 2020

    I will have to make a Facebook page. Thank you!
  14. Columbia CRNA 2020

    Has anyone heard anything else from the school after admission letter, fafsa? Do we just send transcripts before the end of May?
  15. Certifications vs graduate classes for crna programs?

    I have both advanced courses in patho, pharm, research and have 2 other certifications in addition to CCRN. I think they carry a lot of weight and you’d have a better chance of getting interviewed. I believe most schools are based on a point system. ...