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  1. yournurse

    Putting in orders without an order.

    It depends on your facility protocols. We have a lot of nursing driven policies such as removing foleys, doing repeat blood work, EKGs, giving atropine/épi/defibrillating during critical situations, doing ABGs and others. When nurses enter orders, doctors always have to co-sign. I also work in the ICU, I feel like nurses have more autonomy there. More importantly, Is it an order that will expedite patients’ care to prevent a problem? Is it an order that will potentially harm the patient? You have to always know that your priority is your patients’ safety.
  2. Hgb 3, jehova’s witness. I think sometimes we over transfuse. Our hospital questions transfusion orders if hgb is >7.
  3. yournurse

    When to call doctor about pvc’s?

    In my facility, we have standing orders to replace electrolytes and to do an EKG for abnormal rhythm. after I’ve replaced magnesium and K, if MAP is <65 or SBP <90, or symptomatic and an EKG.
  4. yournurse

    Columbia CRNA 2020

    I will have to make a Facebook page. Thank you!
  5. yournurse

    Columbia CRNA 2020

    Has anyone heard anything else from the school after admission letter, fafsa? Do we just send transcripts before the end of May?
  6. yournurse

    Columbia CRNA 2020

    Happy new year! Any update guys?
  7. yournurse

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    Wow. What a crazy story. I hope you are well, Katie!
  8. yournurse

    I got accepted into CRNA School

    Thank you!
  9. yournurse

    New Grad Nurse - NIGHT SHIFT ONLY

    Night shift is the best time to learn. Focus on managing your time and getting used to routine, documentation and giving meds!
  10. yournurse

    Columbia CRNA 2020

    Maybe they’re waiting after the holidays!
  11. yournurse

    Columbia CRNA 2020

    Has anyone heard anything about when to send official transcripts ?
  12. yournurse

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    I think it’s amazing.
  13. yournurse

    Columbia CRNA 2020

    I have taken a few grad classes in the past because they were given as an option during my undergrad nursing program (instead of paying undergrad fees). We received graduate credits. But I retook my science courses and stats as undergrad. I recommend just going through undergrad (cheaper, easier, doable). Graduate organic chemistry classes (labeled as 400s or above- I’m sure you’ll get bonus points if you do though but I don’t think that’s all they are looking for) are quite difficult to find I believe but is probably offered through universities. There are online classes you can take as well (4 weeks long... I know , short! ) and it costs $2k per class.
  14. yournurse

    Columbia CRNA 2020

    Thank you for replying!
  15. yournurse

    Columbia CRNA 2020

    For those who received a call, have you guys gotten an official email ?
  16. yournurse

    Columbia CRNA 2020

    Hmm, I hope so. Most schools have the entire week off before thanksgiving, they’ll probably have more time.

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