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  1. Yes. Ratio laws should be enforced in all states. I've heard FL gets at least 3 patients in the ICU (these are critically ill patients). Sometimes 4, I think. That's just unsafe. That's what you call task nursing.
  2. indienurse

    FSU Panama City CRNA 2019

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, interviewed. Yes, denied/rejected.
  3. indienurse

    Destined to Be a Flight Nurse

    Do ER , don't waste your time on a télé or med/surg floor. I don't know a lot about Flight nursing but I have chatted with a flight nurse a while back. She told me I needed to do 5yrs of ICU to be even considered. To become a flight nurse, you need to build your critical thinking skills, I think that is better developed in the ICU. But if you cannot find ICU positions (please do not stop looking), I would even move somewhere just to get ICU, out of state. Just don't give up. Also, ER experience is also good because you develop skills on how to act in code situations. Don't doubt yourself. I know you may feel that way right now but don't. At my hospital, once you are in the ER, they cross train you to go to ICU. Find places that do that. Do not limit yourself. If this is truly what you want, fight for it and you will get it. Gluck!
  4. You have great leadership experience and hands on. Why not do ICU training program for new grads? It's 6 months. And do that for a year! Travel agencies for nurses like AYA healthcare offer PRN jobs if you have 1 year experience at a specialty. Gluck!!!
  5. indienurse

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    I've been a nurse for quite some time now, >10yrs. I've felt the same way for a while. I looked into nursing out of bedside, informatics and education. But I am still here, bedside nursing. I can't say I love it. I have had easy days and hard days. Nursing is mentally and physically draining. I can't tell you how many chiropractor, massage and acupuncture visits I've had. LOL What I do to help include: working less, going on small get-aways every month, physical activities help me a lot. I'll let you know how I feel in a year. Heh.
  6. indienurse

    Seeking Advice

    Hmm. It's a tough one. Pick your battles. Is it worth the time and effort? If it's for principle- do you have proof? Look at what is at stake here, if you say something, it may get Bigger and out of hand. Lawyers cost money. That's why they are there for. Or you can take this as a life/career lesson: always have proof and document. Hope I helped.
  7. indienurse

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I agree with this. The primary nurse is the one who knows the patient more than the one who gave the vec.
  8. indienurse

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    That's actually a really good point. It would give us an idea about the nurse's state of mind that day. Or why was the swallow evaluation so important?
  9. indienurse

    new nurse /gaslighting

    No, not at all. Sorry. I just meant that I wish some older nurses treated their young better. And then I realized that if they don't want to invest in you, they won't teach you.
  10. indienurse

    new nurse /gaslighting

    Hello Hope, I know how you feel. I started working on a SICU 7 yrs ago and I felt bullied. I started on the unit happy and excited but realized how terrible the working environment was. I still work there because I kept telling myself that "I am only here because my goal is to go to CRNA school." I would come home crying because older nurses would yell the words "use your brain" or "you don't know what you're doing" . I ate it all. It was difficult for me and it made me depress. I didn't have friends on the unit and I didn't trust anyone. I emailed my manager about that situation and told him that we needed a more supportive unit. He didn't do anything. I learned that our assistant managers ruled the unit. So even though I knew what they were doing was wrong, I couldn't do anything. I decided to just do what I'm told until I get into CRNA school. I'm telling you this because you have to look at what your goals are. Are you at a hospital with a good pension that will make you happy after retiring? Move to different units in the hospital until you find your niche. Nursing is very flexible. I also believe people belittle others because they have internal problems of their own, that is how they deal. Now, I feel bad for these older nurses who feel entitled and think they know everything... I just let them get mad, and I stare at them when they yell and scream their lungs out. And the things that they've gossiped about you? Who cares? Are they paying your bills? No. Why waste your time thinking about them? I also try to give positive vibes on the unit, I joined a unit project that helps the nurses deal with the stresses of work. Be more involved. It was not easy but the environment is better. Think about the reasons why you became a nurse, keep that in mind. If it is to help people, No matter what anyone says, your goal will always be the same and that will resonate to your coworkers overtime. Feel better.
  11. indienurse


    Thank you, JKL. I feel like it something that she should do as well. But spreading that someone got "fired" or "let go" some form of slander?
  12. indienurse

    FSU Panama City CRNA 2019

    20 minutes is a long time. Use it wisely.
  13. indienurse

    Do Not Resuscitate Order for suicidal patient

    Why do they keep the patient FC for 24 h?
  14. indienurse


    Hello guys, I hope you guys can help me. A close friend of mine was terminated last month. After a week, her coworker from this facility asked my friend if she was ok because apparently the manager had told her coworker that she was fired. Is this acceptable if it is within company? I think that is a personal matter that shouldn't have been discussed openly with other people. Thanks guys. This has left my friend sad, depressed and angry. She doesn't know what to do. It seems like everyone knows that she got fired.
  15. indienurse

    Medication error

    I am so sorry this happened to you. Don't quit nursing but learn from this experience. Try to distract yourself and surround yourself with family and friends . I know how you're feeling. What is done is done. Now, you have to think of your future. Think strategically. You cannot go back anymore. I know it's hard. Make sure you write everything that you remember happened. Save any documentation you have from that day. Do you have a strong union representation at your facility? some unions don't help. Be aware of that, ask people who have been there for a while if the union is strong or not. If your manager/HR calls you in for a meeting, tell them you want a union representative. If your union is weak, get a lawyer, consult one. You're not alone in this, be strong.