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  1. freckles96

    Time Management

    I’m wondering how nurses get meds done on time with only a 30 minute window before and after it’s due?? I’m in my third semester and it seems very challenging to get your vital signs, assessments and meds done in the morning. Also how late have you been on a medication and what were the penalties?
  2. freckles96

    Iv push question

    I have a question about iv push meds, I haven't had the chance to give a lot of them yet in school but I had a few questions about them. If I have a patient with fluids running and the iv push is compatible, I flush the line, "pinch the tubing" (if that's the right wording) give the iv push at the specific rate and then flush again? If the Iv push is incompatible, would you stop the pump disconnect, flush, give the med, flush again? I know if you're running insulin or heparin or critical meds that can't be stopped you wouldn't be able to do that. I assume at that point you would start a dedicated iv push site. I was just thinking it would pose a risk to have multiple iv sites because you increase the risk of infection, but I understand needing to have dedicated sites. I might be overthinking this but I wanted to ask and see what others do.

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