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Central valley first semester adn student


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  1. Hey guys, I haven't seen anything posted about the application for Fall 2019 cohort. Deadline was yesterday the 15th. I am just curious to see how everyone feels about their chances and how many points they have. Letters are supposed to be coming late March, early April.
  2. My friend's sister got in on her first try, and then the next application she got in her first try as well! Anything can happen A couple more days until we find out!
  3. blueb-7

    Merced College Applicants Fall 2019 Spring 2020

    I went at around 12 and the lady asked me if I had typed everything I could, I said yes and she said to put it in one of the boxes nearby. There was no line and it took about 30 seconds. She then gave me a green slip of paper that had some info on if you’re accepted or denied. I’m not too sure about how many applied, but I think someone else posted it.