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  1. coco1320

    Low GPA, High Pre Requisites

    CSUSM looks only at your GPA in your last 60 units & prerequisites (along w/ TEAS score). Could be a great option for you! They have a 2nd campus in temecula too if thats closer to where you live
  2. coco1320

    ABSN Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) Spring 2020

    Mine changed to admitted as well!! Congrats everyone! Can't wait to meet you all :)
  3. coco1320

    ABSN Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) Spring 2020

    Really hoped for an update today Hopefully by the end of the week!
  4. I hesitate to say that it will be "easier" but I am currently taking organic chemistry for the second time (I got Cs in both classes the first time I took them 8-9 yrs ago). The first time I took it was at a large university where I got my BS, my lectures were in huge lecture halls w/ 300+ people. Now I'm retaking at community college and the class is small, probably less than 30 people and it is so much more personal and easy to ask for help! Of course I'm older, a better student, and more motivated this time around so that makes a difference as well, but I think the class environment plays a role. I'm on track to get an A :)
  5. coco1320

    No immunity after Hep B immunization?

    I had a similar thing happen to me and was told that its actually quite common. Just get the titers done relatively soon after you finish the series and you will be good to go! Apparently many people do not retain Hep B immunity...
  6. coco1320

    ABSN Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) Spring 2020

    The quickest way to find out is thru MyCSUSM. They send emails out but its a few days after the status is updated on your account.
  7. I only studied 3 weeks, but if I'm being honest I'm a good standardized test taker and I also had A&P very fresh in my mind at the time. Take the ATI practice tests on their website and let those scores guide your decision, I found those to be very true to the actual test.
  8. coco1320

    Tablet for school??

    I've been resistant to ebooks for years because I hate reading on the computer too and felt like I learned better reading a physical book, but I recently recently bought an etextbook for the first time and have been reading it on my ipad and WOW I am never going back! I read it in an app called Notability that allows you to highlight, take notes, and flag pages to return to. I highly recommend.
  9. coco1320

    Can I Be a Nurse?

    I would encourage you to reach out to your local community college and meet with an academic counselor who can guide you on this path. Not having basic math skills definitely will be a hurdle to overcome, but I am inclined to think that you have been through some very tough circumstances in your life that have led you to this point. There are resources out there and many people willing to help you on your journey. You may need extra tutoring and it may take longer for you than other students, but if you are proactive and reach out for help when you need it, you can absolutely get to where you want to be.
  10. coco1320

    ABSN Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) Spring 2020

    I plan to work but my work schedule is also not flexible. I'm taking a CNA class starting in October, so I'm hoping I can land a flexible CNA job and quit my current job.
  11. coco1320

    ABSN Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) Spring 2020

    In the table that shows that your application is complete it show which term you applied for. So, mine has two rows, one for Fall 2019 and one for Spring 2020. Fall 2019 says "student withdrew application" (I declined their admission offer for fall) and Spring 2020 says "completed application." Hope that helps.
  12. coco1320

    Hep B vaccine requirement.

    I recently had hep B titers done and they came back negative despite having had the series about 15 years ago. I asked one of the techs if this was common and he told me yes, the vaccine unfortunately doesn't confer long-lasting immunity for many people and its common to have to repeat the series. He told me he had the series done twice and still had negative titers... I assume this is why!
  13. coco1320

    Least impacted community college RN programs

    Humboldt State in Arcata and College of the Redwoods in Eureka both have nursing programs. No idea if they are impacted (grew up in the area but no longer live there) but I would guess not.
  14. You find it unethical that the school wants you to be well prepared for their program? And I fail to see how its "money hungry" considering nearly all students returning to school take their prereqs at a CC, so the nursing school is certainly not profiting off of these requirements.
  15. coco1320

    Student externship in ICU requires prior experience?

    @MotoMonkey Thanks for the insight! I appreciate it!
  16. coco1320

    ABSN Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) Spring 2020

    @kl394 i think mine took ~2-3 weeks after it was marked complete