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NurseTrishBSN has 15 years experience as a CNA, RN and specializes in Cardiac, Progressive Care.

Growing up in a healthcare family, I’ve worked in healthcare my entire adult life. I currently work as a Charge Nurse and Educator working on a cardiac unit in Atlanta, GA. I love the new grads and formed our own CV Residency Program. I have been working with cardiac patients ever since I started working in the hospital setting. I am certified as a PCCN (RN-BC) and I also have a podcast and speak at different nursing student events. You can find the show anywhere you listen to your podcasts.



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  1. NurseTrishBSN

    What, exactly, IS a nurse?

    I am okay with agreeing to disagree here. Just because someone advances their degree does not mean that is their only goal. I’ve worked with many different nurses, bedside, management, and advanced practice who are all passionate about providing high...
  2. NurseTrishBSN

    What, exactly, IS a nurse?

    Nursing can definitely be stressful, I used to work in a place like that. I’m lucky I’ve found another company that takes care of their nurses, they do exist!
  3. NurseTrishBSN

    What, exactly, IS a nurse?

    Yes, that is why I said “in the healthcare setting” as in, direct patient care. We do have other nurses but I mostly wanted to highlight more if those directly working with patients 😁
  4. NurseTrishBSN

    What, exactly, IS a nurse?

    DEFINITION OF A NURSE MY EARLY DEFINITION I am embarrassed to say before becoming a nursing assistant, I had no idea what a nurse actually was or entailed. I thought a nurse was basically a caregiver for a patient who also gave them medicatio...
  5. So you’ve landed your first nursing job? Congratulations!! Guess what, learning doesn’t end here! If you were lucky enough to get into a good residency program that is awesome but who do you think is responsible for your orientation and that you get ...
  6. NurseTrishBSN

    So You Want to be a Nurse?

    Why do you want to become a nurse?Is it the promise of job security? Potential income and flexibility? Someone who influenced you in some way or took care of you or a loved one? What is your story to wanting to become a nurse? For me, my dad was a nu...
  7. NurseTrishBSN

    CMC and/or CSC?

    You first need a PCCN or CCRN prior to obtaining either one of these certifications. That can be a little costly so it's something else to consider.
  8. NurseTrishBSN

    New nurse in cath lab

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions! And don’t be surprised by the weird personalities in the cath lab. It’s also interesting that you will be working with medics side by side so that makes for a different environment. Good luck!
  9. NurseTrishBSN

    New grad on cardiac floor just cannot relax after today

    Usually at my facility the cath lab will notify the charge nurse if a patient is not coming back so they can make plans for another patient. As far as the meds there should have been orders or you call and ask the cath lab or provider. Very few insta...
  10. NurseTrishBSN

    New Nurse Tips for Struggling Nurse

    Hi, have you been able to see some improvement? How are you doing now that a little time has passed?
  11. NurseTrishBSN

    Cardiac Step Down: 6 week orientation for new grad

    Cardiac unit educator here. Our new grads go through a nurse residency program of 16 weeks. It varies based on the size of the hospital and acuity of the patients. Our nurses take a max of 4 patients. This hospital is growing pretty quickly with a cu...
  12. NurseTrishBSN

    CNA to RN

    I was a CNA before ever thinking of becoming an RN. Would I recommend do it prior to nursing school? Probably if you can get a position with the facility you would like to work in as a new grad. It won’t make things faster while in school but will gi...
  13. NurseTrishBSN

    Flushing potentially infected PICC line

    If the PICC line is infected, why is it still in?
  14. NurseTrishBSN

    New grad podcasts

    Hi! I actually have a podcast that is for the nursing student, new grad, early nurse etc that you may find interesting. It’s called The Honest Nurse and you can find it anywhere you listen to podcasts. It’s also on Have a grea...
  15. NurseTrishBSN

    Holiday Bonus

    We get bi-annual bonuses based off our press ganey scores. Maybe about $200 each or so. Everywhere else I've worked we never got a bonus.